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  1. great 1st album, welcome here ;)

  2. CosmoBoy

    Awkward Bro Moment...

    I think every point of view is valuable, even on such a tricky subject. But as a moderator let me remind you that in quite a few countries (including Switzerland where I live and UK where bieberboi lives) incest defined as "sexual contact with a blood relative usually including a parent, child, sibling, grandparent or grandchild" is illegal and can be punished by law. I'm not trying to be scary or anything, especially not with you, bieberboi. I understand by reading you how uncomfortable you can feel about this all. I'm just warning everyone that posts by any user that could be considered as an apology or an encouragement of incest will be cesored by the moderation team, as being contradictory with the site's posting rules and regulations. Thanks for your understanding.
  3. CosmoBoy

    Coming Out To Mom

    I totally second dirrtydogg here. And I would add that telling them honestly what you feel you are is a huge mark of confidence, which is a sign that there is a true and strong relationship between you and them. And if they react bad - or really bad and start being potentially threatening - it means that they don't really love you for who you are as a whole person, and that they get stuck in pre-formed ideas and clichés, which is sad but which you can do nothing about. All in all it's way better to say it and be relieved than hiding it, having a secret life and ending up bitter, sad and frustrated. I know how terrifying this looks like, but believe me, you'll feel so much better after. Ask Lee ! It was VERY tough for him, but I'm sure he feels much better anyway now.
  4. CosmoBoy

    Cro's Pants Falling Down At His Concert

    great to see it slide down and him not pulling up
  5. CosmoBoy


    such a nice pic ! hot sagger in a great scenery !
  6. well, you see guys with much more obvious tee-shirts ... But I agree, it's hot !
  7. CosmoBoy

    Awkward Bro Moment...

    This is very true, but in a family you're not alone to think about it and have opinions. I wonder what your parents would think if they found out ? I know mine would be mortified. I generally don't think you shoud do or not do things according to what your parents would think about it, on the contrary. But on such a sensitive and very family related matter as incest, it's not a bad idea to keep this in mind too...
  8. CosmoBoy

    Awkward Bro Moment...

    You're absolutely not "monsters", but this is not healthy I think and as enjoyable as it might be, you should probably take attention, take advice from someone outside your family / friends' circle and find a solution to this.
  9. Hey everyone ! Check our Sagger of the Week : this week it's McLovin2014. More here : http://www.saggerworld.com/topic/4419-sagger-of-the-week-mclovin2014

  10. CosmoBoy

    A Or B?

    what ?!? then no after life (for capital punishment approvers ) coffee : espresso (short and strong) of with milk ?
  11. CosmoBoy

    A Or B?

    lol, that's so random, Lee !! I'd say M cuz it's bigger plain or zip hoodie ?
  12. mmmmh, I think you might indeed be wrong. Kids skate a lot, it didn't fade out at all. With all the skate branding, tv shows and evertything, it even got totally mainstream to skate now, and I can see so many skaters where we live, in Lausanne ! Back to topic, you should have sex and kiss !!! French-kissing involves more than 20 muscles and uses about 150 calories , while making love can spend from 200 to 700 calories per session Much more than masturbating, which apparently uses max 70 calories for the most intense session... Let's get it on !!
  13. CosmoBoy

    Lying About Virginity

    no, it's a term for anyone. I never lied on this because I always imagined that the consequences of lying, once in bed, could be much worse than saying the truth. There's notjhing to be ashamed of by the way, sex is not a competition or a race ! Later I met guys who had sex for the 1st time with me and I always found it very cool, and quite sweet actually, that they were so clear about them being virgin. I never made any comment about it and it was all fine
  14. CosmoBoy

    Does Anyone Else Shave Body Hair?

    same here, I shave (actually wax) some bits, and trim others. hair can be hot when groomed
  15. Well done mat91, who is our Sagger of the Week !! More details on his hot sag here : http://www.saggerworld.com/topic/4366-sagger-of-the-week-mat91/#entry46932


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