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  1. hey bro you live in Sydney? im here in sydney too

  2. A long time ago I remember seeing a great sag on an episode of COPS and for a long time have tried to find the clip (I saw it on TV). Well, finally, I've found it but a few cruel twists... On youtube, someone has filmed the tv clip, so it's really bad quality, and the filmer has zoomed right in so you can't actually see the sag! Then on Amazon, where you can buy the episode, I can't purchase it because I'm not in the USA. Now, I may be completely overstating the sag that I vaguely remember seeing years ago! But I think it could be worth getting the clip. If someone in the US is able and thinks it's worth a shot, it's series 22, episode 21. BTW, the youtube clip is here - see what I mean by zooming in!! What do you think?
  3. Hopefully this is new to some - IMO the best sag on world's strictest parents (and the only double sag I think?) - make sure you check out the other clips where he is sagging too. 0:27 for the first!

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