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  1. relayer00

    Selling used underwear/socks/condoms

    Used condoms? Yuck!
  2. relayer00

    I hate myself

    Those hitops though ...
  3. We must catch up dirty lad! 😁👍

    1. relayer00


      Yes! It's been too long, hottie!

    2. relayer00


      Yes! It's been too long, hottie!

      Can u email me with a way of getting in touch with you? I want to send you something private.

  4. relayer00

    A Or B?

    Hitops! Hitops! Hitops! Hitops! Can you tell I am into hitops? Shaved balls or unshaved balls?
  5. relayer00

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Typical Vancouver winter weather: cloudy and rainy and dull. The forecast was for wet snow last night but we didn't get any. Great weather to sag in jeans and boots, though.
  6. relayer00

    Word Association Game

  7. relayer00

    Newest And Oldest Underwear

    Newest pair: Sly boxerbriefs ("Keep Out"). They are extremely comfy and I bought two pairs and love wearing them. Oldest pair: Greg Homme Craves that a former boyfriend wore for about a week and then gave to me. They still smell of him and I keep them as a memento.
  8. Dude, you need to be yourself. You have now found out what happens when you are not honest! The only way that you can handle this is to ignore this guy from now on. What are you going to do: tell him you are really a gay guy? His head will prolly explode! Stop with the fake profiles and just be yourself!
  9. relayer00

    Has anyone seen a UFO?

    Sure you have ...
  10. relayer00

    Advice on Whether or Not it's Worth it...

    "Should I bother?". I think that this is odd question to ask. The answer is up to you, isn't it? Only you can decide whether it's worth it or not. Asking the question this way, in my opinion, makes it appear that you are somewhat ambivalent about your goal. Either you're committed to fixing things or you are not. A second observation is this: to have a friend, you have to be one, yourself. You started the unwinding of your friendship by focusing on your ex-boyfriend to the exclusion of this other guy. Doesn't sound like something I would expect a real friend to do. Then you had an argument and didn't resolve it quickly. Also doesn't sound like something a real friend would do. Now you are out of your relationship and moving back from wherever you lived, and want to pick things up and carry on as before. I predict that it's not going to happen. Even if you establish some sort of loose friendship with your former buddy, things will never be as they used to be; you've damaged things way too much and this will always be the 'elephant in the room'. Suggestions such as "sag lower for him" are silly, in my opinion. I mean, seriously, if somebody sagged low in front of you would you just say "Okay, I'll be this guy's best friend again?". What you need to remember is that people want to be treated fairly and reasonably, just as you do. Now ask yourself, how would you react if the situation had been the other way around? Would you welcome back your "friend" as though nothing had happened? Sorry to be blunt, but you did ask.
  11. relayer00

    shooting your spunk

    Yup, that's a great way to shoot or get your pal to shoot on you Love it!
  12. relayer00

    A Or B?

    Butt plugs! I can keep mine in for 2 hours or more! Mindhunter or The Americans?
  13. Music, cooking (I collect cookbooks from the mid-20th century), fixing cars, sneakers and boots, and the air transportation system. Oh, and sex

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