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    Love hot fit guys that have a nice sag, love em even more when the sag is paired with shorts, hitop skate shoes and ankle socks. Sucker for a hot guy that's into pissplay and other kinky things.
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    gaming, cars, and photography
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  1. SaggerTwinkLover

    Hey guys enter your discord codes

  2. SaggerTwinkLover

    Anyone want to chat?

    Sure! About what?
  3. SaggerTwinkLover

    piss myself

    Did it happen yet? Did I miss it? 😩
  4. SaggerTwinkLover

    Video Games

    GTA and racing games (mostly Forza) on Xbox.
  5. SaggerTwinkLover

    Sagging pants and getting horny

    Dude... So many things I'd do to you.. Hot damn!
  6. I've gone out to my car and grabbed stuff in a tee and my boxers. No issues with it whatsoever.
  7. I answer the door in a tee and boxers all the time, especially if it's something like Uber Eats or Just Eat where you're only opening the door quickly to grab food.
  8. SaggerTwinkLover

    Got Circumcised

    Ya man! Hoping maybe once I'm in better shape to join a Sagger Party one year.
  9. SaggerTwinkLover

    Got Circumcised

    Far from being a teenager sadly... Lol 29 in less than a month. And yes I was under while they did it. Another good news thing, can now sleep on my stomach again without being in pain.
  10. SaggerTwinkLover

    Going MIA for awhile

    Please man. Reach out if ya need to!
  11. SaggerTwinkLover

    Going MIA for awhile

    That link doesn't work...
  12. SaggerTwinkLover

    Going MIA for awhile

  13. SaggerTwinkLover

    Got Circumcised

    I am definitely excited for sex once I'm fully healed. Gonna be so nice to top without any pain and with loads of feeling lol. On the update part, today has been the first day where erections haven't been painful. This is a very good sign.
  14. SaggerTwinkLover

    Got Circumcised

    I wish I had been, but I am an army brat and I was born in Germany; at the time my mother didn't want it done. Thanks, it's been one hell of a journey. Still some pain with the stiches and getting morning wood; but all in all it seems to be going well.

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