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    Love hot fit guys that have a nice sag, love em even more when the sag is paired with shorts, hitop skate shoes and ankle socks. Sucker for a hot guy that's into pissplay and other kinky things.
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    gaming, cars, and photography

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  1. Canada. Circumcised for nearly 5 years.
  2. Almost exclusively Vans, save for shoes for exercise/gym; those are usually Nikes or Reebok.
  3. Bottom to top: Black & gum Vans, black ankle socks, black business casual pants, blue boxer briefs, grey Volcom t-shirts. My typical outfit for a Friday at work.
  4. Is it just me or is there a massive lack of sagger content in adult media? Seems like "frat house"/"college boy" sex houses, "family" and other things are wildly popular; but nothing for those of us into sagging. Would be nice to see a studio do some sag worship, wet play, kink play, sex while sagging or worship turns sex content. Maybe it's time for an OF page πŸ€”
  5. Would be hot to do that together...
  6. Tons! Mostly footwear - ankle socks are a massive turn on; so are Vans of any style and most hitop skate shoes. Also into wet play - water and other wet things 😝. Love outdoor play. Among some other things. So hot. Would love to know what you do with pee 🀭 We should DM. You've picqued my interests. Honestly, self wetting with warm piss is so hot.
  7. Just scrolling pics and topics hoping something will help me with a rager lol
  8. I've done a bunch of stuff. I had a job where I worked in construction sites in off hours doing security; depending on the property lay out, I'd wait till no one was around or snooping, then I'd take my clothes off and walk around with nothing on. A few times I had a friend come visit and we'd have some kinky fun. I've also stripped down on hiking trails to have fun. One time not long ago, I stripped and blew a guy at the end of a cul de sac beside a busy highway. Love public nudity.
  9. Hey bro where in Canada are you located? We can hang out if you don't mind or if we are close to each otherΒ 

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