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  1. You got some mad swag, sagging with them diamond studs bro
  2. Check dms please

  3. Cigarette smoker here. Marlboro Red 100s.
  4. Hell yeah I’m into skate shoes especially high tops. Gotta be laced nice and loose. Cool sneakers make a guy so much hotter.
  5. You’re spot on about barebacking but there is almost no HIV transmission risk from oral. You’d have to have a mouthful of open sores for there to be a risk.
  6. Bumping up my offer. I wanna help a hot sagger get some diamond studs in his ears. Willing to pay for the right badass sagger dude. Message me if ur interested.
  7. If any dude wants to get their ears pierced with some diamond studs, hit me up. Send me a message. I wanna help you get them if you want them.
  8. I think earrings are one of the hottest things a guy can do. Especially diamond studs or plugs depending on the guy and his style.
  9. other than sagging, skate shoes and smoking.
  10. skate shoes are the best. DC, DVS, or Osiris. Nothing hotter.
  11. fuckin hot pics wigga!

  12. Everyone is free to make their own choices. I don't do drugs or drink booze, but I enjoy cigs. If you don't like smoking, then don't smoke. And since smoking is pretty much banned nowadays is almost every indoor place - whether it's in the US, Canada, or much of Europe - my smoking shouldn't be a bother to you. But if there's one thing I hate it's people (in general, not necessarily on this board) who feel holier-than-thou because they don't smoke. Everyone's got a bad habit/vice. Mine's smoking.
  13. And cocaine doesn't claim any lives? A user can overdose on narcotics and die from one binge. If you "binge" smoke, you'll wake up coughing, not dead. To each his own. If you don't like drugs, don't do drugs. And if you don't like cigarettes, don't smoke them. While you may not "get" smoking, I don't "get" drugs like cocaine or even pot. Seen way too many friends lose everything to drugs. Have I seen people lose their lives from smoking - yes - but from 40 years of smoking.
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