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  1. Damn your xtube vids are fuckin hot! 

    1. MattDaz


      Thanks bro, glad u like em! 

    2. WeathermantobeMike


      You are sexy as F****!!!!

    3. WeathermantobeMike


      I fuckin love that u blast rap while u do ur thing ;) so damn hot 

  2. Check out my xtube, swagskate. Not with other people, but **** happens haha
  3. Ethika dudes! They're by far the best. I only wear Ethika or CK.
  4. Like mid ass? Keep it slick and put together but still hot and a little racy. I'll do like nice light wash jeas, white vans, and a black tight vneck that covers my sag but you can still tell I'm sagging.
  5. Lol he used to be a Helix Studios model, I've always found him hot.
  6. mattdaz; I'm not often on tho
  7. Start sagging a little lower every day. Like for day one start with waistband, then day 2 do a little bit lower. Maybe start sagging lower as the day goes on so you can just say "oh well my pants sort of fall down a bit" if your friends ask.
  8. I prefer boxerbriefs: Ethika, CK, Saxx, etc. are great. They have cool patterns and show off your ass great! I like doing it in skinny jeans with a bit of elasticene in them so they stretch a bit, and usually rock vans with them, or Supra Vaiders or Skytops for something different. I like that skinnier/tighter look and usually rock some flashy colors or something fun. My fav thing to wear is skinny jeans, my red vans, and like a plain white tshirt and snapback and some really bright bbs, like some bright red ethika to match my shoes. I like sagging about mid ass: it's not so low walking is
  9. Yea man, I do it all the time. Lots of guys find it hot as F****, and I've been told I have an amazing ass so I like to show it off a little.
  10. I wish I had gotten mine done; huge regret. In my line of work they don't look favorably on them though so I'm stuck without em now. I think they're hot as F*CK though!
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