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  1. Sorry everyone but I simply don't like pedophiles. I'll roll up a joint a smoke weed and yeah I have my med card, and I might do a line here and there and I'm definitely not perfect,  I'll be the first one here man enough to say that, but at least I'm not a God damn child toucher or any of that bullS***. In fact I think they should be hung upside down at their testicles and have both their knee caps shot , and toured and die. I'm sorry but those are my beliefs and they always have been and they always will be and you can't change my mind. I have hella videos which i can't post here of some pedophile being chained at the neck in the middle of the streets and havibg both his legs cut off. That **** is real. That **** happens. Its not fake. Tf you talking about? Dont call me wannabe fake puss ass boy  If you wanna ban me then ban me so be it but I have hella friends on here and some one dixkhead dipS*** wanna try me.

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    2. DeusBex


      "Shot in the hood" - ah yes, I'm sure you know all about the "hood" @Dillon

    3. Lee249


      @DeusBex it's not wise to make such comments. 


    4. Dillon


      @DeusBex you know F**** nothing about the hood puss ass boy you ain't been shot you ain't been stabbed you ain't have to fight 10 cops inside your own bedroom you aint been literally carried away by the chains by a dozen F**** boy ass cops you ain't been raped you ain't been  molested you ain't been done wrong by anyone you just a F**** ass entitled puss ass boy and you can shut the God damn F**** up Boi swine F**** you 

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