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  1. Sorry everyone but I simply don't like pedophiles. I'll roll up a joint a smoke weed and yeah I have my med card, and I might do a line here and there and I'm definitely not perfect,  I'll be the first one here man enough to say that, but at least I'm not a God damn child toucher or any of that bullS***. In fact I think they should be hung upside down at their testicles and have both their knee caps shot , and toured and die. I'm sorry but those are my beliefs and they always have been and they always will be and you can't change my mind. I have hella videos which i can't post here of some pedophile being chained at the neck in the middle of the streets and havibg both his legs cut off. That **** is real. That **** happens. Its not fake. Tf you talking about? Dont call me wannabe fake puss ass boy  If you wanna ban me then ban me so be it but I have hella friends on here and some one dixkhead dipS*** wanna try me.

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    2. DeusBex


      If you don't want opinions, don't post on a public forum 🤣

    3. Dillon


      Why do you keep posting? I keep telling you to F**** off and you keep antagonizing and provoking and being a sorry ass little jerkoff...if you was in real life on the streets acting like that and don't go away when asked of you, you would have been jumped / stabbed / pistol whipped in the jaw just for talking **** and even shot in the hood ya know.  Just being 💯 swine. You love to antagonize ppl I see.  

    4. Lee249


      Haha, I love the word 'swine' very British 😛 well maybe he wanted some advice?? 

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