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  1. Wonderfill

    Coronation st sag 23rd november 2016

    Coronation st sagger. Pic of sag, and pic from other scene of the dude
  2. Wonderfill

    Bars And Melody - Leondre
  3. Wonderfill

    Hot Dutch Youtuber

    Can anybody find anymore from this dude?
  4. Wonderfill

    Am i gay?!

    Thanks for your help but I live in the UK. Thank you both for your advice, its helped me a lot. 😊
  5. Wonderfill

    Am i gay?!

    Hello guys, i am fairly new to the forums (well posting anyway) and apologise if this is in the wrong sub-forum, or even if this type of thread is inapropriate for this forum anyway. Can i also apologise if this thread is overtly sexual. Anyway, I am really struggling about my sexuality atm. I am attracted to guys faces physically, but when I look at their faces I really just think of their boxers/underwear. I dont think about having sex with them, and I dont want to "do anything" sexual with them. I also do not like c**k. I do have a scat fetish (sorry guys :/) so really when I think of their underwear I think of the mess they have created in their boxers. I am however attracted to their arse, but I would not want to have sex with them. I wouldnt mind kissing a man, and touching their body - but really its the boxers for me that i like. Can i clarify that I do not like girls knickers. Lots of people do call me gay; i have a gay voice, and i am quite a gay person however I never have seen myself being with a man. Can i also add that being gay is something that has always surrounded me, from a young age i thought i was gay, but the last few years I have really agonised and worried. I think some girls are fairly attractive physically (the face really), but it seems to he a phase. I like them one day, then the next I dont really. I would like to have sex with a girl, and not with a man - but im not sure if my connection is there with a woman. But im also not sure if it is with a man. When i ****, i have to think of mens boxers to get to me to point kf ejaculating about a girl. I get hard when thinking about a girl, and having sex with a girl, but I couldnt cum because of her. i am really embarrased by writing this post, and i am sorry if its a bit explicit but I have agonised for 3 years+ and would really like to come to a conclusion. thanks.

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