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  1. I started late too and found it really difficult to start with. PM me fir a chat and I'll tell you my experiences.
  2. That's the same everywhere, or? At least in Europe.
  3. I find it really hot as soon as you can see a nipple, whether the shoulder strap is on or iff the shoulder. Nipples are hot on a sexy body 😛
  4. Its like sideless t-shirts - you've got to be able to carry it off : ripped.. Hoodys look cool like that though.
  5. Pre-cum needs bumping I get pretty slimey during the day if I wake up with a boner, play around a bit but don’t cum. and just chatting about sagging here or in Kik..
  6. Most days. Even though I have a boyfriend still love to jack off on my own with pics on kik
  7. Asos have some I’ve been wondering about trying. The cut doesn’t look that good, otherwise I’d have ordered them by now...
  8. Here in Germany it’s pretty much the same. You can get some in skater shops still. I buy then to sleep in mainly these days. Here‘s the advert that kicked off boxer shorts in the UK, by the way.
  9. I tend to get horny in any cool new pants I buy the first few times I wear them. Especially sweat pants, basketball shorts - same for sports vests and snap backs. Once I’ve Wanked off in them a few times and sagged them a few times in public it wears off.
  10. And then he was gone.. 😂

  11. I once met a guy who was into wool pullovers - didn’t really get it...
  12. Baggy boxers - yes. Briefs/Boxerbriefs - no. Shirtless - only if it’s really hot weather.
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