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  1. Love lounging around in my boxers on a Sunday... Shame I can’t do it all day 😂

    1. Pabsman2024


      Every Sunday morning lounge around in my boxer shorts and watch American Football

  2. lkjh0

    Mock button fly

    Yeah it completely baffled me.
  3. lkjh0

    Mock button fly

    Thanks haha 🤣
  4. lkjh0

    Mock button fly

    So I just bought some new boxers from Tokyo Laundry, and I thought I’d get some with a button fly as they looked kind of hot and I haven’t worn button fly for a while. They arrived today and turns out they are “mock button fly”, meaning there’s no actual fly and the buttons are just sewn on! Er... What the hell is the point of that? 🤔😂 Anyway, here’s a pic I took of me in them 😉
  5. I really love the new banner... Some hot saggers on there 😍

  6. lkjh0

    Word Association Game

  7. Anyone got any more stories or answers to this? I find it so hot 😂
  8. lkjh0

    Pink underwear

    I love pink undies
  9. lkjh0

    Word Association Game

  10. lkjh0

    Word Association Game

  11. lkjh0

    Word Association Game


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