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  1. Hot sagging dude and thanks for following

  2. lkjh0

    Word Association Game

  3. lkjh0

    A Or B?

    (This is the correct answer 😍)
  4. lkjh0

    A Or B?

    No sex for a week. (Does this include masturbation? Lol) Nick Jonas or Joe Jonas? 😛
  5. lkjh0

    Exposed underwear

    I think he means like bending over, stretching etc, to reveal more
  6. lkjh0


  7. lkjh0

    Pet peves

  8. lkjh0

    Masturbating At School

    When I was in school, there was a guy texting in class under the table, and our teacher said to him “I hope you’re texting, and there’s not some other reason you’re looking down at your crotch and smiling.” He was trying to embarrass him, but the guy just winked cheekily and said “No sir, I was masturbating.” The teacher had no comeback to that lol
  9. Thanks for following stud

  10. lkjh0

    What do you sleep in

    I sleep in a T-shirt and boxer briefs. I find that the most comfortable. And easy access to the important bits

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