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    I'm a 27 year old skater who spend most of his time sagging cargo pants. I started sagging at my 17.  None of my friends are saggers, so I'm here to chat with other saggers and to discover new way to sag.  Feel free to message me, dare me or make some suggestions of stuff I could sag  
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    Fixing computer, skating and sagging
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    Dishwasher in a restaurant

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  1. Where have you gone?!

  2. Where you got to mate?! :/

  3. A guy on this site make me try freeballing in beach shorts last summer. I loved thats and more in trackpants
  4. I've published some pics a couple days ago. I hope u will enjoy them soon ;) 

  5. What should I sag for the next pictures? :huh2: Great question lol :laugh:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Anonan


      A mid-thigh sag in dark, not too baggy jeans.

    3. manniberlin


      Sag in freegun and Cargo shorts

    4. Lee249


      Great question in fact 😉 try sagging half or below ass in ripped skinny stretch jeans. Skinny or skinny stretch... It's up to you dude. You'll fall in love with stretch. They're AMAZING 👍 looking forward to your next pics!! 

  6. MaxOs

    CALVIN 08

    Great pic
  7. Yo sexy.... can one actually sag in anything but baggy pants... I am a fan too. Nice to see I am not alone bro ;)

  8. MaxOs

    How Straigt/gay Are You?

    I'm 2, I have already sagged and jerk off with some straights or gays friends
  9. MaxOs


    Love this angle !
  10. You can take any of my pics' if you want.
  11. MaxOs

    Drunk Sagging - Fail

    Hahaha, really funny video
  12. MaxOs


    You could start at home or in your garden with some firends to get used
  13. Since you made me tried sagging trackies, I really find them cool ;) 

  14. It was in my first year at university in the toilets and just before a class. As we started exchanging glances, we wanted to do it. There was no other place to do it

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