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  1. What exactly are u asking for my opinion on? Bc I can’t tell.
  2. Please read these and tell me if u still share the same thoughts. I want you to realize that even tho u may not be consciously aware of racism or partake in it yourself. That doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. It’s “black lives matter “ because we make up about 13% of America’s population yet Of the people incarcerated we make up 50% and we are killed by police at a much higher percentage than white people. It’s black lives matter Bc our lives are the only ones in systematic and instituted danger. secondly it’s your own internal problem if u as a person say I’m getting irritated by al
  3. Please look at these tweets. And these are not the only ones with video evidence proof. https://twitter.com/gryking/status/1267101707596632066?s=21 https://twitter.com/alecmacgillis/status/1266946808888078336?s=21 https://twitter.com/selena_adera/status/1266707305158017029?s=21 also Why do we (seem to) care more about things—buildings, businesses that can be replaced, and property—more than people’s lives? People care more about the loss of materials than life(which is one of the reasons we are protesting for )
  5. Umm can u directly address what I said instead of trying to make ur points and arguments about things that i didn’t even mention ? Lol but to address this right here. Yes he did march peacefully, and he made Some progress . And then they killed him. And America is still racist soooo? What’s ur point with bringing up Martin Luther King ? A little bit of progress for a problem like this is not enough it needs be solved in its entirety. Also before u come at black people for violent protest look up the Boston tea party and it’s historical significance. We have been peacefully protesti
  6. And this is why your ignorant lol. your taking things out of context and arguing things that were never argued in the first place. I can see you take offense to the word ignorant when all it means is a lack of education about a particular subject. Your statement of “just sue cops” shows that u lack the understanding that it’s not that easy for us to just do that there is so many obstacles and things in place that don’t allow us those sorts of advantages in American criminal justice system. That is why u are ignorant. I never said u were racist so idk where that came from lol. And no where in
  7. You also sound ignorant, sir you are white. This is the whole underlying factor and basis for all of this happening. If u don’t realize or want to admit that America is inherently racist and it’s racism is institutionalized and engrained in its systems (medical, socioeconomic, and criminal justice) it is not the same treatment in these areas. As if we haven’t tried. Breonna Taylor was killed in her own home Bc the police made a mistake what house they were going into. And there’s been no Justice for her in that manner either. The system is stacked against black ppl. So saying to just sue shows
  8. First of all let’s understand something and get things straight. Because you are clearly misinformed and miseducated about everything. And I don’t blame you Bc there is corruption in the media as they show only what they want and not the reality. the first store to get looted was the target in Minneapolis. This occurred after A PEACEFUL PROTEST (as we have a constitutional right to do) was turned into a violent one as cops arrived and began harassing and using tear gas and rubber bullets on the peaceful protesters protesting a freaking murder. And the target not only funds the Minnesota pol
  9. One more thing, for those that aren’t aware of the situation. What’s happening is truly severe and is a VERY BIG DEAL! This isn’t just another protesting movement that will die out in a month. Riots, protest, burning buildings, destroyed businesses, cops and civilians getting beat up. This is happening all across the nation and other protest even outside of America for our cause. The black community has had ENOUGH ! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/05/30/us/minneapolis-floyd-protests.amp.html
  10. Since no else has brought this up.... if you live in America I am sure that you are aware of the protests that been going on. In response to the murder of George Floyd, a black man who’s death was untimely and unfair. Police brutality towards black people has reached its limits and now is the time to fight the racism that infects this country. This is not a new concept it has been a reoccurring problem and police brutality is NOT the only part of the equation. As racism in America is engraved and institutionalized in its systems and it’s going to take everyone to take it out ! #saytheirnames #
  11. Damn that pic on insta is nice it's natural says like those that are the hottest imo
  12. I don't know what the **** there saying but damn there hot.
  13. Pretty bored atm want to talk with someone.
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