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  1. Merry Christmas 🎄☃️ brother

  2. Well, it's not something you can force, but you can influence some type of feelings towards a girl. I don't know if this is the case, but if you are friends with her already, that will definitely help a lot. Just continue talking to her, staying in contact, and just being a good friend. If feelings persist later, try hinting an attraction to her by doing things she likes (buying her something she would like, make her something, etc.) or you can ask her out then and there. If she doesn't know her, get to know her. Start talking to her and being around, but not too much where it becomes cree
  3. I'm definitely straight, but I do like to see sagging on a guy (why else would I be on here?). Although this tiny part of me does like to see a guy, I would say a 1 based on this scale. Honestly, it's hard to label oneself as a 0 based on this scale due to the fact that we are on a site devoted to sagging, something not in the norm for a completely straight guy to look at, observe, or analyze intently, as the majority of the straight guys on this site do.
  4. Well, for me, I would say that I post pictures on here is because I have no other outlet to showcase my enjoyment of sagging other than on a sagging-affiliated website. I can't just post a picture of me sagging on Facebook and talk about it with my friends as they wouldn't understand it. I only like the style of sagging, albeit more than that of an average straight guy; I like to see other people sagging and actually talk to someone who likes to sag. I don't see this site as an outlet for fetishes, I see it as a site for those who appreciate sagging and seek to find others that like it.
  5. Nope. I accept compliments from many gay men on here or other sagging sites, but that's pretty much the limit closest to that.
  6. Hey. I'm straight. Sure, it's pretty uncommon for this site, but it's not nonexistent.
  7. Wore some skinny jeans in my album for the first time. Kinda weird...

    1. Guest


      weird in a different / unusual but good way I hope? :)

  8. Anyone find themselves lying about their virginity to new people? With most of my friends, they know I'm a virgin, but I have been approached by women. I just never met the right one. I know it's a little cliche, but that's my personal opinion. I mainly tend to lie to newer people that don't know me as well, as well as some people online. Anyone else do this?
  9. I did. He's done so much for me, it's the least I could do.
  10. This has been a recurring issue since I've first started sagging. Every time I see a sagger in the streets, I can't help but look at the sag for a period of time; not long (like about 5 to 10 seconds), but I think it's longer than necessary. I'm not sexually attracted to them, but street sags are interesting. Anyone else have this problem?
  11. Guys, I didn't mean for this to be a heated attack on smokers. I just wanted to know what makes people smoke anything. If you smoke, then that's fine, your life is your life. If you don't, I understand your reasons, but let's not become hostile to someone who does smoke.
  12. I know some people who smoke, but I don't see how they started or why they continue. I myself don't smoke, but if anyone on here smokes, why do you smoke, whether it be marijuana or cigarettes?
  13. Back on for the summer!

    1. flameboard


      Welcome back mate!

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