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    Josh. Yep, 26 now and as gay as ever. Still like to keep the undies on show too. Kinky mfer.
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  1. Oh... I have some very kinky fetishes. Not sure if I’d lose my account for discussing them here though lol
  2. GOAT! Massive GOAT! drive or ride?
  3. Iguana? Anything to avoid a snake. llama or Alpaca?
  4. Athletic socks for sure. Stripes or spots? (Undies of course)
  5. I’m not entirely sure but I think Box Menswear May be a gay brand, their advertising looks like it anyway. I hope so as there’s a hot guy at work who wears them!
  6. Bright underwear is the best, pink it particularly cool. I love seeing a hot pink sag over a nice bubble butt.
  7. Never loose boxers: only boxer briefs. tighter the better.
  8. I had a really difficult time getting away from them. I never really liked boxers as they just offered nothing in the way of support like briefs. Boxer briefs were better but I tried to get back to the root of what I really liked. I think I only wore boxer briefs for the social acceptability. Now I go where my mood takes me as I'm not afraid of looking different!
  9. This looks fun! Age: 18 Gay Straight or Bi: Gay(ish) Race: BRITISH ENGLISH Hometown: LONDON TOWN Grade: errrrr.... Work? Clothing What kind of underwear do you wear: Boxer Briefs but often briefs and occasionally diapers What brand do you wear: Superdry Hollister American Eagle, Ck, Bench, Next Do you wear a jockstrap for anything: Never actually done this! What do you wear to swim: Speedo briefs Do you ever freeball?: Have tried it What kind of socks to you wear (above or below the ankle): Long if trousers, ankle if shorts. Body Are you slim, average, or "bigger": slim Do you have any body h
  10. Great forum topic! Mines a bit funny and almost a full circle lol. 0-3 Diapers 3-13 Briefs 13-13.5 Boxers 13.5-15 Boxer briefs 15-16 Briefs (occasionally BBs) 16-17 BBs (occasionally Briefs) 17-Present 60% BBs, 30% Briefs, 10% Diapers Can't help my strange self!
  11. Hey everyone. I was hoping for some advice/experience sharing on the subject of moving out, let me put you in the picture: I am 18 now and old enough to get on with my life and get away from my family: something I'm REALLY keen to do #controlfreaks. So me and my boyfriend have decided to get a place together. London prices are high so it's a one bedroom flat with just enough space to swing a cat. Neither of us have lived alone before: we can both afford to and everything but I just wondered if anyone had any advice on what it's like to be out on your own in the world, keys to successfully liv
  12. Awww man! Why did y'all have to post so many pics of damn sexy footie players! Now you got me all worked up!!!
  13. They sound hot! I'll let you know if I see them in my web travels!
  14. I've been out for my whole living memory haha. I was the only gay kid in primary school...
  15. Hey guys- I've had a summer away from the Internet but thought I'd give you an update. Having been away at camp for a long time, I hadn't seen my brother at all, only heard from him once or twice. When I got back just yesterday, I learnt that he's come out, got a boyfriend and is definitely sleeping with him. Suddenly he's not so interested in me. I guess my emotions at he minute are skewed, I thought he liked it, I thought we had something, but then I knew it was wrong anyway.... Now I'm confused bu the guilt s going, just feel empty. We barely talk now, he didn't want to come and visit at c
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