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  1. Can be cool, but I totally understand the long pants/jeans.
  2. Yeah, I think it goes quite well with what they're up to?.
  3. Definitely hot, definitely vying for one of the hottest posters, ever!
  4. Oh yeah, I was wearing green Everlast basketball-type shorts, though I don't think there were many of those around at the time. And jeans shorts that were pretty loose. Peace!
  5. Definitely not a career-ender. Definitely more concerned about you being able to keep it secret from your parents. I wouldn't worry too much about not being able to sag at school, either.
  6. I was 14. Saw kids doing it and tried it myself in front of a mirror. It wasn't too soon before I was trying it in public (major time at the amusement park, that I wrote about here).
  7. For sure. Sagging's definitely the ****. It can be careful where you can do it or not. I'd also say that the dress code violation is not that big a deal if this is all it does to you, but the parents situation is a little more serious. Maybe they'd understand at school.
  8. Mine's light brown, but has started turning white!
  9. I'd say the most I ever did was wear earrings at school. It is very tough to pull off this look at regularly operating schools.
  10. I mean, it's really tough to sag at school, since there was a lot of this no sag at school rule going around since probably the late '90's. It may be a little late for you, and I would say eat the punishment. But, your situation does get complicated, because you want to keep your sagging from your parents (which is completely your right). I'd go with that and your school, though it would be very tough to represent yourself there without your parents being involved. I mean, it's not completely your fault, so you should not have to eat the entire thing! Peace!
  11. Oh yeah, definitely take care of it!
  12. Oh, yeah. Perfect for those shirts!
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