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  1. Haha, I like these, guys! 🙂
  2. Haha, some people call their genitals their kids…I think.
  3. True that. There's an art to that.
  4. No way, Lee249, I'll pray for your children.
  5. Okay, I like thumbing through something. I'll stay old forever.
  6. Right on, guys, gotta unleash the beast, but let it breathe.
  7. Gotta work out those brain muscles, too! 😁
  8. Yeah…okay. This is actually why I stick to the Yellow Pages. I don't think the Alexa concept could be anything but this.
  9. Yeah, I'd say through as well. The pics in this thread are hot and prove this hotness!
  10. Oh, dude, I've had a sag in my face. Those situations are quite silly.
  11. Not a bad idea, though, folks.
  12. Haha lol, I guess only if he's asking for it!
  13. Good job on it all. 👍
  14. Yes, lovely, and a great poster! 👍
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