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  1. Ha, yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if sagging leads somewhere.
  2. SaggerMatt

    Men's butts

    Haha, yeah, definitely harder to cop a smooth look when the sagger is approaching from the front.
  3. SaggerMatt

    Men's butts

    Yeah! The butt is what sagging is all about!
  4. Yeah, kids are up to it again, though it's been around 30 years. Take care, kids!
  5. SaggerMatt

    So sexy

    Those guys are really handsome. Nice, small sags.
  6. SaggerMatt

    Sneakers fetish

    Lookin' dope!
  7. These'll get you some cred:
  8. Hmm…we gotta hook you up with some hard-ass CK, then.
  9. Haha, no pics on the first date!
  10. SaggerMatt

    Unbutton/unzip pants when you take them off?

    Yeah, I have more zip-fly than button-fly myself.
  11. SaggerMatt

    Most Expensive Underwear You Own?

    I go pretty cheap with underwear as well, in general, actually.
  12. SaggerMatt

    Back to briefs

    I had a brief stint of wearing briefs in the past 10 years, but I've been wearing mostly boxer briefs. The briefs were nice, though.
  13. SaggerMatt

    Favorite underwear

    Nice briefs.
  14. SaggerMatt

    sagging in general...

    It's coool.
  15. SaggerMatt

    Unbutton/unzip pants when you take them off?

    Yeah, I've been doing this.
  16. SaggerMatt

    What's the coolest Job you have had?

    That's dope.
  17. SaggerMatt

    Tumblr to ban all "Pornographic" material

    Yeah, I'm with you, Lee249.
  18. SaggerMatt

    Sagger Buddy M/F

    Hey, man. I ain't that far, but it's cool you're reaching out to saggers.
  19. SaggerMatt

    Sagging gym pants!

    Lookin' smooth, bro.
  20. SaggerMatt

    Skater Style

    Hey, I'm down with the skater style. Always been a great video.
  21. SaggerMatt

    Guys with a small p***s

    I agree.
  22. SaggerMatt


    Pretty dope ****.
  23. SaggerMatt

    What's the coolest Job you have had?

    Sounds sweaty.
  24. SaggerMatt

    satin boxers

    I'm 38. Got 'em stored away somewhere. Prolly not going to wear them soon…

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