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  1. Glad some of you boys are also into this sht! Some of my memorable occasions: Wanking out of a hotel window, shooting my jizz onto the street below Fukkin a boy on a train platform hidden in some bushes Being sucked by my boy on the back seat of a bus Jerking off on the street at night multiple times Pissing on the street in daytime in full view of everyone
  2. I do this too bro. I make sure I’m sagging crazy low, then deliberately walk up some steps right in front of someone, so they have no option but to stare right at my sagging ass. Best with colourful satin boxers 😝
  3. Cool bro. What are you into?
  4. Thx man - glad you’re into what I do 🙌
  5. Anyone else into exhibitionism, like getting your cokk out in public, pissing or wanking in public or having sex in public?
  6. Leather joggers or leather bballs
  7. Mmm I love juicing another boy’s cokk to start his precum oozing. And then licking it off his tip - drives me nuts and gets me dripping too.
  8. Haha, so which conditions are you up for @Lee249?
  9. Briefs as a kid. When I was 12 I spotted some hot jockstraps in Topman - I had to pluck up massive courage to buy two. One was black silk, the other red satin. I would wear them secretly without anyone knowing. I switched to boxer briefs soon after, then discovered satin boxers - I started a collection which is still growing today. I also started wearing leather boxers and leather jocks as soon as I could afford them, and also bought various pairs of shiny bball shorts which I use as underwear.
  10. Young twink bottom guys who I can shape as I want. Slim, toned and smooth. I’ll provide the sagging gear, and you’ll wear it however I want. If I tell you to sag round your knees in public, that’s what you’ll do! I might get you pierced or tatted too 😈
  11. I wake up with a massive boner nearly every morning. Usually beat one out quickly before getting up, or get my bf to suck me off, or fukk his tight ass. I remember one time we had a young guy stay over for a threesome. In the morning when he got up to leave, I took him to my front door completely naked with a massive morning wood boner. He sucked me off quickly before leaving - hot as fukk!
  12. A couple of years ago I hooked up with a hot sagger through another sagging site. For a couple of months we fukked regularly, and we also exchanged underwear. He would wear my used boxer briefs and I would wear his. A couple of times we’d cum into our boxers before swapping - it was hot as fukk wearing his boxers filled with his cum 😛
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