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  1. Hey bru, I'm in London on Monday and Tuesday, u wanna hang out and sag together? 💪

  2. saggerpunk


    Seems to have gone again. Anyone know anything?
  3. saggerpunk


    Aside from sagging, my other big fetishes are leather (massive turn on!), shiny sports gear (Adidas Chile etc), shiny satin boxers, trainers, studded belts...
  4. Fucked my bf on a train platform behind a row of bushes at night Been sucked in the back row of a coach Wanked on a bus and in the street at night But my favourite was in the changing room of a sports shop in France - I spent ages trying on all their hot clothes - Adidas Chile tracksuits, nylon tracksuits etc. I jerked off in the changing room and left a huge load on the mirror
  5. saggerpunk

    Stolen your friends or random guy underwear

    I was once sharing a hotel room with a guy on a group trip - I was 24 and he was 18. When he was in the shower I put on a pair of his jeans and wanked myself with the green boxer shorts he'd been wearing the day before. He never found out
  6. Anyone want to cam? Hit me up ;)

    1. James86


      we should cam sometime

    2. bendover


      I'd love to see you cam

  7. saggerpunk

    3 Videos For Theother1 And Cosmoboy

    Awesome vids Flameboard! The climbing one is my fave :-)
  8. Hit me up if you want to sag on cam, or exchange pics or underwear :-)

    1. HotGuy4ever


      Always up for a great pic, hit me up!


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