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  1. Okay, let’s get more into the psychology of why we sag: 1) It makes us feel masculine - we’re literally putting our hot butts and sometimes our big bulges on show to the world. 2) It makes us feel dangerous - we’re doing something that goes against societal norms and is generally disapproved of in polite society. 3) It thrills us - knowing that people are looking at our arses and cokks turns us on. 4) It looks hot and feels great 😜
  2. I think that’s exactly where we should go @Lee249 😈😜
  3. That’s cool, @dannyps! If you’re into physical domination, then I’m sure you’ll love bondage and restraint 😈
  4. Not directly related to sagging by any means – that's just my style, and the style of the type of guys I'm into
  5. I’m an experienced dom in the bedroom, and I’ve always enjoyed hooking up with sub sagger boys. Recently I’ve really been getting into bondage and BDSM - it seems there’s quite a few saggerboys out there who enjoy being restrained, or practicing power exchange, where the boy basically becomes an object for the dom's pleasure and does exactly as he pleases. Would be hot to know if anyone else is into this, either as dom or sub?
  6. Studded belt. Wallet chain or neck chain?
  7. Love it, bro. I’d do this with you - but I’ll take the boys while you have the girls! 😝
  8. Cuddling and kissing is always good. And we can see where we go from there 😜
  9. Haha I’m flattered, but I’m 100% top lol
  10. 😆 Cool. I’d wear one of those on my jeans for sure!
  11. Heavy wallet chain; studded belt; spiked leather wrist cuffs; heavy neck chain (or sometimes a spiked leather collar); septum ring; beanie or baseball cap
  12. Glad some of you boys are also into this sht! Some of my memorable occasions: Wanking out of a hotel window, shooting my jizz onto the street below Fukkin a boy on a train platform hidden in some bushes Being sucked by my boy on the back seat of a bus Jerking off on the street at night multiple times Pissing on the street in daytime in full view of everyone
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