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  1. A short shirt that barely covers half my butt and off my butt. Here’s an example
  2. Loose jeans and no belt and of course the blue striped briefs!
  3. Yes I wear briefs and with no belt often or a loose belt. They slip down with time and I’ll let them go to the bottom of my butt so basically the whole briefs are showing but not skin and that’s the lowest. Sometime a little skin will show but I feel that’s too low and i I’ll the up a little .
  4. Just a little wedgie for ya😉
  5. I would sag on a first date. Maybe keep them around half way down so not to scare them off. But still let them show at some point. It would probably peak the interest:)
  6. Sagging around my girlfriend has been awesome! I often wear kinda loose jeans and no belt so my jeans slowly slip down my butt revealing more and more underwear. If my girl sees my sagging she loves it. Sometimes if I pull my jeans up she kinda teasingly tugs them down. Or if I hug her she grabs lower on my back/hips feeling my underwear. Feels great. Occasionally she will slip her hand down the front of my jeans cupping my D and she will wait to feel a little wet also around her I will let my jeans sag low and lay on the bed on my front with my underwear visible in the back and stic
  7. Oh man sometimes I get so turned on and excited as my jeans slip down my butt that I let out some liquid😉 super awesome when that happens!
  8. Nice actually I’ll share here I was 9 and it Started as just forgetting a belt one day going to school then turned in to a love wanting to show all my underwear’s. I was wearing a Kinda a shorter shirt with kinda loose jeans. My underwear was a pair of briefs with a white waistband saying sonoma, light blue underwear with sports balls on them. I couldn’t find a belt in time to leave for school so I left without one. Throughout the day they would slowly slip down my butt with activity and I would just keep pulling them up through the day. They averaged just above or to half way down b
  9. Tell me the first time you sagged in public! Include underwear, jeans type, looseness and all the details! Dm me for my story😉
  10. Short red shirt? Brown joggers, no pullstrings, and grey striped fruit of the loom briefs. They slide down like a dream!
  11. Just letting the jeans hang on to the bottom of my butt on 2 different occasions 😉
  12. I know you cant tell but these are briefs. Would you wedgie the crap out of me or not and just admire? You can tell as you watch they are briefs by seeing some skin before i pull them up a little btw;)
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