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  1. Mikelll

    Exposed underwear

    Indeed sagging is usually the mode i mean like stretching or wearing a short shirt or taking off hoodie ect.
  2. Mikelll

    Exposed underwear

    Id like to hear what some of the ways you purposefully show your underwear. any ideas?
  3. Mikelll

    I am on

    Hey! Pm me and we can chat!
  4. Mikelll

    What are you wearing right now?

    Message me and ill send some pics
  5. Mikelll

    Hey guys enter your discord codes

    Stripe sagger #1018
  6. Mikelll


    One story i have was when i was 9 and my sister was 7. We where running around the house because she was chasing me. I had something from her room and she wanted it back. We ran around the couch and my sister knocked the lamp off the side table. It broke and we freaked out. My mom found out and we where in trouble. We went to the bathroom and waited. We where both in trouble for a few reasons. My sister got spanked first. My mom lifted her shirt and her panties where visible. My mom pulled her pants down a little more then spanked her with a wood spoon. It was my turn. My pants where falling kinda far down so i pulled them up. My mom lifted my shirt and pulled my pants down so my underwear was visible then spanked me. Wasn't too hard but it hurt. I felt bad after since it was kinda my fault.
  7. Mikelll


    When i was young my parents used to spank me. I was kind of a nerd so my pants where all the way up with a tight belt. My parents didn't bother to undo it so they just spanked me. Hand usually but belt, and a wooden spoon where used. This was the case till i was about 9. I noticed my sisters didn't wear belts very often they just pulled up their pants when they fell. When they got spanked it was usually on panties because their pants where loose and either falling or their pants could be pulled down. I decided to just not wear a belt since it was very comfy and stylish as well and the same then applied for me accept my pants fell a bit more then my sisters. My mom would lift my shirt and see my flashy underwear in view and that was her target. It didn't help to pull them up first because when she noticed how loose my pants where she would pull them down exposing my underwear. It hurt a bit more but i just didn't like belts and i liked the feeling of them falling down. Thats my experience.
  8. Mikelll


    Share how you where spanked growing up. Maybe even a story
  9. Mikelll

    Back to briefs

    In my opinion thats the best feeling about wearing briefs!
  10. Id say once they start wearing underwear. Id help manage how far down till they are like 6 though so they dont lose them.
  11. Mikelll

    Back to briefs

    I wore brief till i was between 10-12 then i got too big for kids sized underwear and my favorite brand stopped selling. I went to mens and didnt like the fit of hanes briefs and never concidered other brands for some reason. I went to boxer briefs and tried boxers. I didnt like anything gripping my legs but i didnt like boxers at all. I wore loose boxer briefs till i was 16 i then found fruit of the loom briefs. I figured i would try them out. After the first day i fell in love. Most comfortable underwear ever! I got rid of most of my baggy boxer briefs and bought a ton of these briefs. Thats what i mainly wear now. I do wear boxer briefs occasionally for sports and activities.
  12. Mikelll

    sagging in general...

    What motivates me to sag? Well the sensation of my pants slowly sliding down my hips. I love the feeling and the look of underwear showing occasionally. I usually dont wear my pants off my butt, i usually wear them half way down more or less. Its comfortable especially if the jeans fit right or a belt is worn to make them slowly fall but not too fast. I havent sagged off my butt. I wear briefs so the most i go is 3/4 the way down which i admit, it is a bit unsettling but pulling them up soon after makes things feel good again.
  13. Mikelll

    Favorite underwear

    Sorry chaps. Its briefs all the way. Maybe a few boxerbriefs for doing activities like sports or working out.
  14. I’d say it depend as well. I mainly have loose jeans so i vary. Sometimes uf tgey are more snug or i dont want them to stretch i unbutton and unzip. If they are loose or need to be stretched i just undo my helt and pull them down.

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