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  1. Id say once they start wearing underwear. Id help manage how far down till they are like 6 though so they dont lose them.
  2. Mikelll

    Back to briefs

    I wore brief till i was between 10-12 then i got too big for kids sized underwear and my favorite brand stopped selling. I went to mens and didnt like the fit of hanes briefs and never concidered other brands for some reason. I went to boxer briefs and tried boxers. I didnt like anything gripping my legs but i didnt like boxers at all. I wore loose boxer briefs till i was 16 i then found fruit of the loom briefs. I figured i would try them out. After the first day i fell in love. Most comfortable underwear ever! I got rid of most of my baggy boxer briefs and bought a ton of these briefs. Thats what i mainly wear now. I do wear boxer briefs occasionally for sports and activities.
  3. Mikelll

    sagging in general...

    What motivates me to sag? Well the sensation of my pants slowly sliding down my hips. I love the feeling and the look of underwear showing occasionally. I usually dont wear my pants off my butt, i usually wear them half way down more or less. Its comfortable especially if the jeans fit right or a belt is worn to make them slowly fall but not too fast. I havent sagged off my butt. I wear briefs so the most i go is 3/4 the way down which i admit, it is a bit unsettling but pulling them up soon after makes things feel good again.
  4. Mikelll

    Favorite underwear

    Sorry chaps. Its briefs all the way. Maybe a few boxerbriefs for doing activities like sports or working out.
  5. I’d say it depend as well. I mainly have loose jeans so i vary. Sometimes uf tgey are more snug or i dont want them to stretch i unbutton and unzip. If they are loose or need to be stretched i just undo my helt and pull them down.

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