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  1. I didn't want to bump up the topic so I'll leave this here:

    Hey, wanted to say that your stories are one of the greatest on this website.

  2. It's kinda embarassing to have written your name wrong over 200 times. I always wrote 'wetswaggerboy' :/

  3. I just found out there is a 'follow' button on this site!



  4. storyteller


    Great to see someone else that is into jeans
  5. storyteller


    Great fetish for jeans, wet and dry. That's why I'm on the site
  6. Hey, made an account here! Love you vids, we spoke before on skype but I didn't come on for long. I absolutely love your jeans, I hope to see some more wet fun etc. :3

    1. WetSaggerboyNick


      Hey!!!! Awesome. Great to see you here! ;-) Thanks for your compliments! I appreciate that!


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