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  1. You got a great jeans collection ;)

  2. Garcia, Jack and Jones, Chasin, G-Star, a lot of brands I'm somehow attracted to when they're on a nice guy's ass. Honestly doesn't even need to be sagging 😅
  3. Blue jeans, not sure how I got that but it's a really strong one. The reason I'm here 😛
  4. I'm happy to have started this discussion and bring us all together
  5. Hey boys, So I'm gonna be direct here, I'm not a natural sagger, doesn't mean I'm unwilling to do it, just that I don't do it alone. The reason I'm here is that I have a fetish for jeans and this is the perfect website to find pics of guys wearing some and to post pics myself. I especially like jack and jones, gstar and garcia and love to get my jeans wet or wear someone else's jeans, even if they don't fit. Now I've noticed in my DMs that there are more people who have infiltrated this website for that reason and I'm wondering how many of you either share this fetish or have a pec
  6. I like you 😀

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    2. Lee249


      Sag, personality, intelligence, charisma, energy, positive vibes, communication skills, attention to detail, reliability, good listener, good storyteller, style, body, moves etc etc etc. The list is endless... Perfect in every regard haha 😛


    3. Lee249


      So what do you make of me @storyteller 😀

    4. storyteller


      I'm flattered by your compliment, altho I had no idea you knew me that intimately ;)

  7. Pissing my jeans is also one of my favourite activities, just letting all that warm stuff go down your legs and into your pants is so satisfying and hot. Wish there were more pics on here of that
  8. I didn't want to bump up the topic so I'll leave this here:

    Hey, wanted to say that your stories are one of the greatest on this website.

  9. I just found out there is a 'follow' button on this site!



  10. Great to see someone else that is into jeans
  11. Great fetish for jeans, wet and dry. That's why I'm on the site
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