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    28 years old... bi... love working out. Love sagging my joggers/jeans/shorts with trunks.
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    Boxer briefs, trunks, working out, sports, sagging of course ;P... jacking off, sex (bi top here)
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    horn dog ;P
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  1. gymsagger

    Boxer briefs blowjobs?

    It is pretty hot to get blown through my boxer briefs or trunks, moan loud and shoot a big load in them that seeps through and the guy can swallow the cum that seeps through ;)
  2. God, would be nice to have some aggressive bottom reach into the front of my sag and grope my bulge, feel it up... *drool*


  3. love hitting those overhead presses at the gym. makes my tank lift and my sag show. oops ;P. then after the workout the massive horniness kicks in

    1. nak7c


      How low do you sag at the gym?

  4. Man, a few weeks ago it was like, I haven't blown a load in days and I really wanted to. Now I've blown two loads today and I'm still not done! haha wish a sagger could help drain me of the rest of it ;P

  5. Anyone else like seeing their underwear or another guy's underwear all exposed while they are working out? I love it. My reflection too ;P.

  6. humping a bed while sagging just feels so good... ooh god ;P

    1. lo2go


      Oh, yeah!  Best when sagging commando, though naked is about as spectacular.

  7. gymsagger


    Other than sagging, being tied up, forced to cum by a power bottom, blowing a load(s) in my underwear, being edged/milked, jerked, sucked, ridden.... and more ;P
  8. Sagging, haven't blown a load in a week, so horny... anyone want to help? ;P

    1. Lee249


      One week... Cor blimey that's far too long 👌😛

    2. Lee249


      Have u cummed yet? Haha 


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