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  1. I I have gone to my car to grab a pack of cigarettes out my car in my boxer shorts no problem, I have taken my trash cans out in my boxer shorts no problem. I have driven home in my boxer shorts just put the air condition seats on full blast and the air conditioner in the car on full blast no problem I have went thru a drive thru in my boxer shorts no problem
  2. Toung Blow job or Rim job
  3. Same thing in Chicago most of our weed comes from Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, British Columbia. Because Chicago is basically the middle of the country it the transportation hub of the nation
  4. The best is when I freeball in my baggy basketball shorts the rush of air going in between you shaft and balls and the silky smooth fabric rubbing the head of my shaft
  5. My girlfriend and are Bi. We take a break from each other for one week of the month so I do her 20 year old gay brother and she does her best friend because her best friend is a lesbian. That week she can have girl time and I can have guy time
  6. American Eagle. Their boxer shorts are so comfortable Hanes or Jockey
  7. I am a pizza delivery driver I have seen a ton of guys that come to the door in their boxer shorts or completely naked or girls that come to the door in bra and panties or completely naked or the horny teenage boy that just got done satisfying his girlfriend or boyfriend
  8. The worst is when I was working on the night shift and I go to bed at 6am and I sleep in my boxer shorts by 8am my doorbell would ring because someone is selling me crap that don't need or the Jehovah's Witness so I go to my front door just in my boxer shorts and I would yell at then to get off my property or I will call the police now no one comes to my door early in morning because i gross them out.
  9. I like to explode my cum in my partners ass. One time he farted and cum came out his *******
  10. Leather belts Black socks or white socks
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