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  1. Any pic ideas for a meeting this evening
  2. I love seeing a guy sagging his underwear and being put in them lol. I love other guys underwear. Makes me horny
  3. I’d love to help u out inside those boxers 

  4. I’d love to help u out in your boxers lol. I’d love to wear some of them too 😁

  5. Does anyone know some good places to find boxers to sag holiday underwear. Can’t find anyplace good. Plus I was never able to find any for Halloween would love a pair for that holiday 😁
  6. Got sizes 30-36 waist on jeans and wear medium or large boxers and boxer briefs
  7. I’d like to make an album that shows off other guys underwear and jeans. I will happily take pics for anyone and I’d swap underwear and jeans w others. I’d love to show off strangers underwear and jeans.
  8. I will gladly do mail swaps for underwear and jeans. I wear medium to large boxers and size 32-36 waist on jeans. I love taking pics in other ppls underwear and jeans
  9. I had an idea where on each holiday I would take pics sagging in festive boxers. I'll celebrate the holidays with everyone bc exposing my sag exposes my holiday celebration lol Would like ideas of what boxers to celebrate with by showing. Will buy too from store. Also if u guys would like to have me show my holiday spirit by different types of underwear.
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