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  1. I’d love to help u out inside those boxers 

  2. Love your latest album mate!!

  3. If I could just mute the main chat, but still be in it, it would be perfect.

    1. flameboard


      You can, all you have to do is press the little "bell" icon and that mutes it.

    2. CaptainPanther


      Don't blame me I'm not in there at present lol

      Yes I get the bell when some one comes in, and door slamming when they leave. I often wondered how t shut that off lol

  4. had fun chattin. hit me up when u get online.

  5. dude. where have u gone? i miss chattin with u bro. hit me back soon!!!

  6. Hey again? Say something back dude.

  7. U look fit as **** send me a message if u wanna chat or more!

  8. Hey dude - how you doing? :)

    Havent spoke in a bit lol x

  9. sup dude... u got aim or yahoo?

  10. heyyyy!! How was ur weekend, HOTTNESS???

  11. Very nice DP and pics bro!

    Love it!

    Can I have your ASL?

  12. haha.... happy birthday bro. hit me up.

  13. hey dude. hit me up.

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