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  1. Hey! Who of you sleeps in wet clothes, like boxer underpants, jeans and other clothes?
  2. Name: Dirk Age : As young as i feel! Height : 5' 5'' Weight : 155 lb Style : skater Sexuality : gay Hobbies : Swim and bathe with clothes on, skateboarding, longboarding, old technologies location : Near Hamburg Germany
  3. Hello where can be written in the chat? That does not work!


    1. TheOther1


      What do you mean? 

  4. It's great, too! Looks great and the feeling is crazy!
  5. A nice juicy crispy grilled chicken from my favorite turk!
  6. @SaggerTwinkLover I can give you one more tip, only he needs some courage and a big dose of luck. Dress as cool as you can - really cool. Choose a day from where it rains, thunderstorms, just a real weather to stay in the house. Go to him and if he does not want to talk to you, just sit outside in front of his house, stairs best in front of his window and if need be all day or just the whole night. After an hour he will not let you sit in the rain and get in because he is afraid that you will get sick. The worst thing is the police and ask what you do. Are you nice to them are they nice
  7. Hey, go to his bell at the front door and say you're sorry. invite him to a meal where you speak!
  8. I think you are right. With Skype you can do it in a group. Chilling together and see was the first pissing in the pants!
  9. Before I studied I was a master chef, with the German Federal Navy, in kitchens, hygiene is the top priority. I have kept that, especially since I still cook private. I also help out with some restaurants if there is a lot to do there and whole seaside resorts go out to eat. That's why hygiene is very important. Even in the laboratory or on our devices with millions of dollars at the university you have to maintain a certain hygiene.
  10. Hilsen til Norge til mine forfedres land!

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