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  1. Name: Jack Age: 29 Height: 6’1” Weight: 146 lbs Sexuality: gay Hobbies: cooking, reading, gym, watching/drawing anime, fashion, art, drawing, listening to music, meeting with friends, sagging ofc Location: Poland
  2. https://youtu.be/dXM5X34GqxY https://youtu.be/ouNPjrsv8BM https://youtu.be/eq4RMTcs48g
  3. I was at my friend’s house that day. Idk what came in to me, but when he left the room I ransacked his pile of clothes and took a pair of black Armani boxerbriefs from him, hid them under my shirt, went to his bathroom and put them on immediately. I put my jeans back on and acted like nothing happened. Then I sagged all the way home and jerked off in them. It was strangely hot! I’ve returned them already.
  4. Not too many of us here I guess 😒
  5. Age: 28 Gay Straight or Bi: Gay Race: White Hometown: Poznan (Poland) Grade: past grade school Clothing What kind of underwear do you wear: boxer briefs, boxers sometimes What brand do you wear: cks, ralph lauren, ae, tommy hilfiger etc Do you wear a jockstrap for anything: no What do you wear to swim: swimming trunks/shorts, boxer briefs Do you ever freeball? no What kind of socks to you wear (above or below the ankle): below, sometimes above Body Are you slim, average, or "bigger": slim Do you have any body hair: leg hair
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