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  1. saggerlover893

    Most popular type of underwear by country

    I've seen the trend here in Aus change over the years. Using highschool as the example, it use to be briefs until 90% of the guys in my year group decided to start sagging so it was satin/silk boxers. Within 3 years it transitioned to boxer briefs for sagging (even going as far as this group of guys complementing their friend who finally swapped from boxers to boxer briefs). These days it's hard to tell as it's a bit of a mix really (and sagging is on the decline).
  2. saggerlover893

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Here on the Australian west coast the weather is either warm and sunny or cold and rainy
  3. saggerlover893

    Most popular type of underwear by country

    Missing out 😉
  4. Thank you for tonight mate. After everything lately, just needed a kind shoulder to lean on. You're brilliant! Just so thankful. Lets do it again soon yeah 😀

  5. Hey up I know that peach.... Hows things buddie? Its been too long. :lick:

  6. saggerlover893

    Who's actually made sagger friends on here?

    Guys in Perth are a rarity, and even then none want to meet me hahaha
  7. saggerlover893

    SkylarStormdale - YouTube Channels :)

    Mmmmmm, those videos were hot
  8. saggerlover893


    Feels very dominating
  9. saggerlover893


    Nice ass
  10. saggerlover893


    Mmmmm, can I put my face back there?
  11. saggerlover893


  12. saggerlover893


    Mmmm, that is hot
  13. saggerlover893


    Mind if I put my face in there?
  14. hello buddie hope all is good? seem to keep missing you when i try to catch up with you. miss all my sagger mates for a gigge n chat :-(


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