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    Hello since I was very little I liked the sagging style and when I was younger sometimes I used sagging. Not nowadays, but I love sagging. I live in Barcelona (Spain) and I speak Spanish. I only understand very few words in English. open to meet guys sagging for friendship and share your photos of sagging.Follow me and I follow you, a kiss guys
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  1. If you want we can send us photos in private, I don't think bare sagging is allowed here 😉
  2. very good pictures! Thank you, although I show my ass a lot more 😊
  3. ¡Hola! Hace un mes descubrí que hay unos tíos a los que les gusta hundirse desnudos y eso me pone muy cachonda. Lo hago pero no en público. ¿A quién le gusta?
  4. He has not made videos for months, he made a very good video but it was censored
  5. I found this video on youtube, hope you like it https://youtu.be/inbqW1O_G7U
  6. welcome! very good photos, maybe you can make a video of your sagging
  7. Here I show you an example of my sagging freeball, although I don't know if photos like this are allowed in this place
  8. Hello, what do you think of this photo edition? Would you like to see more? do you want your own edition? comment, model on instagram @mattexbanki





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    2. 59fifty


      Yea can u send pics here bro I like ur sag homie

    3. Ilovessagging


      hi, you mean the photos above? That guy is not me. By the way do you want me to share your photos on my sagging instagram?

    4. 59fifty


      Yea I can idc it's me 

  9. I'm very sorry about what happened, I think you should think about it and keep your account active and ignore those messages and report those abuses to administrators
  10. Hello, that's right, friend, thanks for your answer, you are very right in your comment and I understand perfectly that it depends on the situation (work, family, friends) it is not possible to do sagging all the time
  11. I agree with you, the saggers guys who reject me friendship for not being a sagger are superficial
  12. if really many saggers are very grateful for my admiration for them
  13. I like to make friends regardless of whether or not they are saggers. I admire them because I really like their style and I will not deny that they excite me but for me personality is more important, so I agree with your answer
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