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  1. New pics in my gallery guys 😉

  2. New pics sagging after some years!!! 😅😅😅

  3. What a butt bro

  4. new pics uploaded :)

  5. fit sagging mate. your ass suits it

    1. guest25


      Thank you bro! :) 

    2. CaptainPanther
  6. Damn! What a nice view on your profile pic :) 

  7. New pics in bbriefs :D

  8. hey! similar tastes, I see :D

    1. guest25


      Yeah mate, nice to se somebody more sagging in briefs too :)

    2. bigasssboy


      you dont get tons of wedgies?

  9. Hey dude! 

    Very hot profile pic. You should upload some pics sagging in briefs

  10. Uploading new pics!

  11. You may think about how good your body will look if you gain some muscle. I think this is for me the most important and the biggest motivation to work out. Also you don't need to spend your money on a gym. There are several routines on the internet and personal trainers you can look for and start working out at home. Personally i think push ups and squats are great. You have plenty of variety to train your muscles whitout too much exercises or spend too much time. check it out
  12. Dude what a HOT profile pic you've got! i want to eat that ass

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