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  1. William

    Fetish for jeans

    Are you actually able to pull up jj Tom or Liam? Your cheap Monday looks super low rise as well. What would you say is the designed rise for these jeans. How low do they expect people to wear them without being too restrictive or looking too ridiculous.
  2. William

    Fetish for jeans

    Just had a look at Jack and Jones model Tom, it does look very low rise which I like. However it looks almost too skinny as well, almost a bit like leggings. I guess I will have to try them on and find out.
  3. William

    Fetish for jeans

    I agree there are tons of skinny jeans, but I find a lot of their rises are not low enough for me. (May be I just wore them too low) I do like Levis 519, been wearing them in one of my albums. Unfortunately Levis discontinued it. Currently I have been wearing the Nudie Skinny Lin and Levis 519 a lot.
  4. William

    Fetish for jeans

    What skinny low rise jeans would you recommend? Been hunting for some low rise skinny jeans, it's not easy. Most of the rise is too long or high.

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