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  1. Your sag pics look AMAZING. Thanks bud 👌

    1. William


      Thanks mate. Nothing too special

  2. I bet it's extreme heavy and took ages to dry.
  3. I would say mid ass is kinda low in public unless it's covered with a shirt. I am pretty sure many would disagree, but I do think anything below that is a bit much. Even with mid ass, you wouldn't want to be expose all the time throughout the day.
  4. I do that as well. Also got a pair of camo speedo from aussiebum recently. I dont think its uncomfortable. It stops sand from getting stuck and its quick dry as well. Also you can wear you boardshorts lower. Just a different style I guess.
  5. Just wanted to say hi and hope your doing well and sagging awesome like you always do 

  6. Hope you doing well my sexy sagger just wanted to say hi 😚

  7. Received them last week. The Medium fits well, the Large is a bit big but still alright. Just wish I have bigger shoulders.
  8. recently got these in both M and L size. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32818058129.html
  9. William when I look through your album of beautiful sags and beautiful pics of you your sags are the ultra best bro your body is the ultra best and Im totally in awe of your beautiful self thanks for sharing your sags I can wait for future awesome sags from you 

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    2. William


      glad peopel actually liked them.

    3. Pokemon


      Honestly your body is sexy as hell

    4. William


      hahaha. thanks much appreciate that. I only recently started to workout, so theres actually a bit more definition now.

  10. isnt this what you guys are taking about? dont think you can get lower than that.
  11. surely low rise brief are build for people with a big package as well. I wouldnt say my package is big, but I have no issues with it.
  12. These are the ones I got https://www.aussiebum.com/mens/underwear/brief/billy-flex-luscious/4230
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