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  1. I do too, it's really nice feeling the different fabrics together and depending on what u wear can help with the sag too
  2. Really wanna sag with someone in London, dm me guys

  3. Just wanna meet other London saggers, if u sag in London and wanna meet up dm me

  4. I love doing it, peeing or nutting in public is so fun to do, and sagging really low like in a small shop or with a lot of people around turns me on so much too, like going into a shop and bending over in front of someone showing my whole ass off to get something. Hands down one of my favourite things to do when I go out sagging
  5. Wouldn't mind being up to it
  6. I'd have to find the chance when I can lol, my family are in practically all the time so it's hard to find the time to
  7. Late night relaxing 😙


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