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  1. just started my onlyfans account (it’s free rn as I’ve not got much on it yet) 


  2. sagging heavy rn🥵 (also I got locked out of my snap, who wants to help me make a new one🥰)


    1. CJS90
    2. Lukey


      So low, OMG! Love it, AWESOME xx

  3. luvsag91

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    Freeball sagging I guess...
  4. luvsag91

    Boxer briefs blowjobs?

    same i love that ****
  5. that avatar is sexy as F****.. 😏😈 do you have the video?

    1. hotsg


      yeah the yt link is somewhere on the site ill have a look

  6. luvsag91

    Sell or trade underwear

    I'm def down to blow a couple loads in some underwear and sell it pm me
  7. luvsag91

    What are you wearing right now?

    saggin low walkin home
  8. luvsag91


    mmm would love to see that 😏
  9. luvsag91


    ready to be fcked;)
  10. Those pics made me nutt, love to see more dude ;)

  11. luvsag91

    Is This The Same Guy?

    The eyebrows and hairline are different
  12. luvsag91


    oh yeah, I'm always boned up and leaking pre when I'm sagging around hot guys. My boxerbriefs are full of precum right now actually ;p

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