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  1. danmart

    I wish I had a sixpack

    I tried to get one and hot close a few times. It was visible but not obvious. But each time i lost momentum and it went. I'm doing badly right now!
  2. danmart

    Running leggings/tights

    I love wearing tights and often do so for running, especially in winter. I never wear shorts over them as I find it's easier to move freely without. But I might do it occasionally if I go to the gym. If you wear black, which most men do, your bulge doesn't really show all that much and so I don't worry about that. One of my workmates once told me there was no point in me being gay if I didn't wear lycra so I decided to go for it. I'm a keen cyclist too.
  3. danmart

    Pink underwear

    I love pink. I want more.
  4. danmart

    NEW Chat Software

    One thing I don't understand yet and that is I only seem to be able to log in if I am on my own personal WiFi at home. It says it doesn't recognise what I am doing if I try to log in elsewhere. Any ideas?
  5. danmart

    NEW Chat Software

    Thank you for your efforts with this, Flameboard.
  6. hi+man+how+are+you?


  7. I think I'd like to give this a try too.
  8. danmart

    Got Circumcised

    Well done on being brave enough to do it. I don't think I could do it although I can see the benefits.
  9. danmart

    How old are y’all boys

    It's worse for me. Now over 40 and although I have been sagging for 20 years in recent years I have felt that I should pull em up. I give myself the occasional day off especially if away from home - where I too now have a responsible and semi-public job. But overall there is a rebel inside me desperate to do my own thing. One day he might take over.
  10. danmart

    Getting more muscular

    The most important part is diet. Eat like a caveman, rather than a supermarket shopper, and use fruit or honey to get sugars. Most people tend to do a bit of exercise and carry on with the same diet and then get down because they haven't seen a transformation. If you want change, things can't stay the same .... or you get the same result.
  11. danmart

    What are you wearing right now?

    Short grey tee, black trackies, pink bawbags. Got a visitor in 30 mins coming to look at a bike I am selling. I have decided not to pull up my trackies until he has gone. Who knows how low they will be by then? Lol.
  12. danmart

    Skinny jean sagging

    Hot pics!
  13. Not met anyone off this site but I think I may have just passed one at Plymouth station. Below ass in SW's favourite freeguns. Plymouth is definitely a good place to find saggers.
  14. danmart

    What do you wear to swim and why?

    As an impulse purchase, I have recently bought some tight and padded Addicted swimming trunks in a sky blue colour. I don't swim a lot but my bf thinks I will chicken out when it comes to wearing them in public. We will find out in about 3 weeks time when we go to a spa.
  15. danmart

    Skinny Jeans

    Flameboard, I think it depends on the guy. If you have long thin legs, probably not a good idea. But shorter guys with nice bodies, I think some can get away with it. Have to be younger though. The older you get, the less chance you have of getting away with it.

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