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  1. I loved the first series. I haven't got to the second one yet but I'm looking forward to it.
  2. I have always kept quiet about any crushes I might have in the workplace and, thankfully, I have had very few. But when I left one job some years ago a guy who I did find attractive, but who had a girlfriend, intimated that he knew and quite liked it. It was a nice goodbye.
  3. Maybe what you're really thinking is that you don't want to be that intimate with someone you've only just met. You want time to get to know someone - then maybe you might be able to let go more. It sounds to me that you are looking in the wrong places - apps that are designed to encourage hook ups which in turn encourages guys to advertise themselves in a certain way. There are actually loads of people around you who won't have had sex for some time or will have only had some form of limited intimacy - even those in couples. But no one ever likes to admit it.
  4. Mmm depends how hot or how cold. But easier to warm up than cool down - so cold. Soup or sandwich?
  5. It has not stopped peeing down for weeks in south west England. The local river looks ready to burst. I really want some sun now.
  6. Beards are hot if they aren't too bushy. I'm not so keen on the solitary moustache. I think that fashion should stay parked in the 1970s.
  7. Eclairs. Starters or puddings?
  8. Neck chain. Neck or lips?
  9. Yep. I like wearing lycra too - for cycling, running and the gym though I've got out of the habit recently. Skinny jeans over a great looking ass are also as good as a sag.
  10. It is difficult if you need to be discreet and not be too open about things. I found it much better to meet gay men in the real world, build up a circle of friends, meet their mates and slowly create a social life. But i know gay couples in long term relationships that have met this way and others who were lucky online. The biggest problem with online is people pretending to be something they are not - in real life it is harder to lie.
  11. 34 really isn't old mate. It seemed ancient to me when I was 20 but that soon changes when you realise how fast time passes. Mid thirties is a great age to be - having a bit of life experience is an attractive trait for a lot of guys. Good luck.
  12. Ha! I didn't see it before but my answer would be I love looking at a muscly guy in tight clothes. Its not what i would look for in a man but perfect as a brief bit of visual entertainment to brighten my day.
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