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  1. Well it's very simple. Just piss your pants. Bet you'll enjoy it!!!
  2. Hot channel. You and your friend need to take your sags to the shower!
  3. It's all in the fun of doing different things if you're into an underwear fetish. One that no one has mentioned is wearing some silky basketballs and slipping on a pr of long boxer briefs over the shorts. The feel of the silky shorts pressed against you by the tight boxers is awesome. Especially when you're wet!
  4. Imagine doing the deed with a chick in men's boxer briefs. Taking your tool and sliding it thru the fly of her briefs. Especially like in the pool or shower. MMMMMM!
  5. I've put on some briefs over bbfs before, but as others have said, mainly to get wet, but that's another thread. If you're into doing it, doubling your sag with briefs on top feels awesome if you go ahead and wet your pants.
  6. You all should try sagging 2 prs of basketballs in the water only make sure the under ones, replacing your underwear, are thin white and you sag the outer ones.
  7. Awesome pics, yes swim in bbfs in public, but haven't gone in wear white. I will wear white in a public pool but with sagged shorts or trackies on.
  8. I usually go in the pool with my shorts on and leg my sag go low gill I'm more or less in my boxers, but sometimes I'll just go in with my underwear. Face it, many longer boxer briefs today look just like compression shorts. I was at a hotel ladg week and because of travel limitations didn't want to get too many clothes wet. Went to the pool, dropped my basketballs and walked in with my boxers. People there didn't give me even a glance.
  9. Wish you could post videos into this thread!
  10. Now that's f..king HOT!! Love ro see more
  11. Those pics are awesome and those boxers are hot. Who'd waste a good shower without at least your undies on!
  12. I know what you mean. I haven't owned a real swimsuit since I was about 10. Clothes do just fine.
  13. I can just imagine what that could lead too. Like putting a certain thing of yours thru the fly of her boxer briefs for a little exercise
  14. Lotogo....Sounds like you need to put on some clothes or just shorts and shirt and find a hot tub to slide into. Bet there's a reaction to your pants and you can enjoy that!
  15. Hey Saggersrhot. .here's a few more pics if you like basketballs! I've got like 40 prs of basketballs and probably the sa.e amount of boxer briefs. All stay pretty wet. Message me if you want.
  16. I've been into this since I was a young boy. Never liked swimsuits. It has always been a turn on too and I can't imagine how many pairs of underwear I've creamed over the years. If it's clothes that I own, it's been wet. Lately I love grabbing a pair of boxers or boxer briefs from my draw without looking and put them on under my shorts or Jean's, then try and guess which pair I have on as I get them wet. Currently have a huge fetish for basketball shorts.
  17. Instagram is working for currently. They let you get away with wetlook of course, some gunging, a lot of guys piss there, no poop. You might also look at This Video. They have just about full out anything.
  18. Plain old getting my sag wet is enough to get me off.
  19. Awesome Nick. Why waste an opportunity to get your gear soaked and feeling good .
  20. I want to see it in the shower!
  21. Aren't all clothes meant to be wet! I know people that won't get anything wet, but put all their clothes in the washer... dah
  22. Either are fine for sagging and are comfortable. I like the newer materials the stretch ones. They also feel better when wet and dry quicker. Fun to get off in too.
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