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  1. sexy to see u here 😋

  2.  BLUE HÜMOR👏😊 more please 🤘😛

  3. Hey man any new videos?

  4. You have some awesome sagging pics! I loved your videos on silkyboys.com!!

  5. Hey man, hope you're doing good. I sent you a message, it'd be really cool if you checked it out! Thanks man.

  6. Just ordered two of them! One for me and one for a friend for Christmas.
  7. vstyle83

    ALS Challenge

    So here we go! Damn it was freezing! I nominate Lee249, manniberlin, dieselsagger and Dutchboy!
  8. vstyle83

    ALS Challenge

    Oh ****... Challenge accepted. Will post it on Monday! Nice jeans, Brandon.
  9. vstyle83

    Isac Elliot

  10. Check out my new album for the full SW Summer Competition photoshoot! :)

    1. manniberlin
    2. Krister


      Among the very hottest pics I have seen.

  11. New photo album up! I was sagging in London. ;) (inspired by Rekhel)

    1. Rekhel


      Oh, I inspired Vstyle...I can die in peace now ! :D

      So great pics ! I love them !

    2. bla1024


      those g-star jeans are gorgeoous :)

  12. Those pics in your sagging in London album are some of the best i've ever seen! Nice job!

  13. The Snap A Sag underwear just arrived! It's photo time tomorrow! ;)

  14. It has been quite nice May here in Finland! It's 25 °C and no clouds anywhere! I saw so many hot shirtless saggers on my way home from work today!
  15. I'm planning to take some new wet pics today! Any ideas? :D

    1. Guest


      I'll get you wet .... i'm armed with a pump action aqua shock hydroblitz super soaker! :)

    2. vstyle83


      Mmhh, sounds hot! ;D


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