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  1. adidasnikeboi

    Silky shorts fetish

    I f***in love silky basketball shorts, footy shorts, satin boxers, etc. Love the feeling on them on my **** and get so turned on seein other guys in nylon shiny shorts!
  2. I really loved your pics you are the king of shorts man

  3. Your pics are really hot! xx

  4. Guest

    wahhhhh havent been on here in a while :) love you xxx

  5. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! Hope all is well with yew!

  6. Cheers bro ;) Got a fair few pix actually, just haven't uploaded them.

    You got msn?

  7. Cheers bro ;) Got a fair few pix actually, just haven't uploaded them.

    You got msn?

  8. hey bro! you rock them fuckin bball shorts so damn hot! that's exactly how i'm wearing them too,

    bad ass baggy and low, yeah! what about some new pics? keep em low =P

  9. Hey Dude, hot shorts, luv the multi sag. You ever get them wet?

  10. hey man, wud love to see some pix of your skate sneaks :)

  11. Hey take some more pics with your Jordan shorts please! Love them.

  12. Definitely make some man! :-) I have been good. Thanks for asking!

  13. I'm good thanks man! Hows you?

    No new pix right now, but you have reminded me that I must take some more soon :)

  14. Sup dude how you been? You have any new pics? :-)


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