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  1. just made a new msn.. add me if you have one. [= lil_cheeko@hotmail.com
  2. Really great sags bro! Thanks.

  3. some fetishes are just plain creepy.. some guy asked me about what kind of shoes i wear and if i wear socks and im just sitting there like "o.O wtf weirdo.." I Try to be open minded but sagging is as far as i go.. Showering with clothes on occasionally but that kinda thing doesn't turn me on soo....
  4. Fantastic albums, really hot! :)

  5. lol. i could give two ****s about spelling sir [= besos :*
  6. Ima Leo Baebee.. We the best. [=
  7. lol.. never had this problem. i just don't send pics or share at all.. im hella picky with who i show what to. strange huh? lol
  8. i'll try and do something more next time. idunno about jeans though.. not my kind of thing..
  9. I have my moms old 2005 Maxima SE. I loves it. [= But I really want a 300zx, a 1990 Mustang or a IS300 though. Those are my dream cars.
  10. Nico, dude u got some awesome clothes. U need to take more of them. Into the water!

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aaDkLiSohg&feature=channel_video_title like? lol
  12. Thanks for the pic comments. you got some nice pics yourself. [=

  13. Nico

    Thanks man [=

  14. nic pics dude!

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