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  1. Zach

    A Or B?

    Nachos with cheese Peanut butter sandwich with jam or honey
  2. Zach

    A Or B?

    Apple crumble backed potato or baked sweet potato
  3. Zach

    A Or B?

    Bacon peanut butter on toast or butter with cinnamon sugar on toast
  4. Zach

    A Or B?

    Pizza vegetable pizza or meat pizza
  5. I pick boxer briefs since i like to keep my front bits from moving around, and i like the slim feel the boxer briefs have
  6. This is what im currently wearing
  7. Zach

    A Or B?

    Meat chicken or beef
  8. Zach

    A Or B?

    raisins fruit salad or vegetable salad
  9. Zach

    A Or B?

    tangerine pineapple or coconut
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