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  1. I agree but he‘s still hot
  2. It depends on where u are tho
  3. No it‘s the feeling of the shorts I like
  4. I kinda got into this yesterday and now I can't stop wearing shorts as underwear lmao
  5. Ahahaha I love encanto, I watched it in the beginning of december and a month later it became a trend on tiktok… Ik the whole lyrics of that song 😬
  6. Bro I completely agree.. ig some people forget that there are some borders you shouldn‘t cross 😬
  7. New profile pic, hope y‘all like it :)

    1. Astg94


      Very nice, I bet you’re comfortable in pajama like pants?! 👍😉

    2. youngone


      I wear them as joggers at home lmao and yes they‘re very comfortable 😄

  8. Hey, I found this, not only their sags are amazing but also their voices, just watch it entirely
  9. I usually change every day, sometimes after two times.. @H.D and I once wore them for 4 days, we saw it as a challenge, was kinda hot tbh, I think we should do it again ✌🏻
  10. I wish y‘all the best for 2022 🖤 Happy new year :)

    1. Daddysgums


      Happy new year to you bro

    2. Lee249


      Happy New Year dude. 

    3. Astg94


      Happy New Year!

  11. Hey check out my new profile pic, I hope y‘all like it :)

    1. Daddysgums


      I think it looks amazing 

  12. I‘ll search for one but ig there are some..
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