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  1. I put “gay” on some demographic information. I withhold other information depending on whether or not I agree with the purpose. I’m rebellious like that. I’m honestly kind of surprised they even ask it on a job application.
  2. Sometimes, but it’s usually just the sagging alone that gets me going. I just admire other aspects of a person from afar.
  3. You can be attracted to people and their qualities without having sex with them. Lol.
  4. Just saw this. I mean I’m gay but I like saggers no matter their orientation. Lol. I actually have a thing for good dads who are good husbands (to their wife) and fathers. Don’t ask me why. I just think it’s hot.
  5. I actually like this question cause it shows conscientiousness towards kids and parents. Still a personal choice. But good thing to think about.
  6. “What are you wearing, JAKE…from STATE FARM?” sorry…couldn’t help it.
  7. The whole ordeal is ridiculous. The refusal and the prodding.
  8. Went shopping today and let them hang lower than usual. Oddly satisfying and a good exercise in confidence and letting go of what others think. 

    1. ElCarnicero


      Wish I could have seen that!

    2. jonquestor


      We all would like to see that. 

  9. Just a Friday at work…


    1. ElCarnicero


      Nice subtle tease

  10. When the slim jeans simply will not stay up over the silk boxers. 



    1. ElCarnicero


      Too much booty in the pants!!

    2. AlexL
    3. Lee249


      @AlexL you aren't alone there! Some jeans are indecisive regarding what underwear to cling onto even when a belt is worn. 

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