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  1. Up to chat and trade pics, message me on kik : afutoclo ;)

  2. Check out my new tumblr with new pics of me sagging : frenchsagger

  3. Anyone want to chat ? Kik me (afutoclo) or pm me for my snapchat ;)

  4. afutoclo

    Gay Kik?

    Mine is afutoclo
  5. Hey ! anybody want to chat ? ;)

  6. Hey ! :D anybody want to chat ? ;) send me a pm on kik, my kik is afutoclo ! :D

  7. hey ! :-D merry christmas everybody ! ;-) just looking for some guys to talk to between 15 and 18 years old ! :-D PM me or kik me if intersted ! ;-)

    1. danlego


      Kik me danlego123

    2. Lee249


      Shame i can't fulfil your needs lmao but merry xmas dude :P

  8. Hey ! :-D if anybody wants to talk send me a PM, i also have kik ! ;-) love to talk so don't hesitate ! :-P

  9. what happened to your pics?

    1. afutoclo


      Sorry, deleted them a day when i wasn't feeling well and was doubting myself, kind of depressed... :-\ but will reupload most of them soon ;-)

    2. spiffo


      Glad you re-uploaded them. They are cool sag pics! Would love to go sagging some time!

  10. afutoclo


    Thanks ! :-D Definitely something to consider for when i'll have to choose ! ;-)
  11. afutoclo


    Ok cool ! :-D well i don't mind waiting... ;-) Yep i'll show you the result ! :-P
  12. afutoclo


    Thanks ! :-D It looks really good ! ;-) definitely something i'd like ! :-D just have to wait a bit for my hair to grow longer... ;-)
  13. afutoclo


    Well not too long, but i can wait for a few weeks or months if needed... :-D
  14. afutoclo


    Hey ! ;-) i'd like to change my haircut and would like to know what you guys would recommend ! :-D I'm 16 years old and my hair is dark/brown and i'd like a haircut for someone of my age.. ;-) So if you have any ideas of what haircut or like which celebrities... :-P I hope to hear about your suggestions ! :-D
  15. afutoclo

    Do All Footballers Wear Briefs?

    Some also wear boxerbriefs (usually very colourful :-D) like Remy Cabella, Florian Thauvin or Antoine Griezmann

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