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    Word Association Game

    Tennis (My favourite sport) Love Andy Murray, Kim Clijsters, Roger Federer, Raphael Nadal and the Williams sisters. Did i say i'm a fan?
  2. Youtube is like the filtering system. It doesn't enjoy the look of anything sexual, obscene and in some cases swearing. How is the content judged? I suppose It's how "deep" your fetish travels to which is taken into account. There is also censorship which was mentioned above. The whole thing is stupid i reckon. I.e youtube removing a video for sagging your pants is deffo wrong!
  3. Lee249

    Word Association Game

  4. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    @Flameboard, man you're gonna me nightmares with that image! LOL ;D New word - Community
  5. Lee249

    Stopping Sagging?

    Do you have mates that sag? If so, hang with them cuz these dudes do understand. I'm not saying bin your friends who disagree, but perhaps associating yourself with others for a while could help. Plus, you won't feel alienated or self-conscious of sagging around them. If it's your teachers, well there is a lovely fingered gesture for those biggots! lol
  6. Lee249

    Word Association Game

  7. Lee249

    Word Association Game

  8. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Hard LOL:)
  9. Lee249

    How long can you keep a boner?

    There comes that point of "no return" when you've gotta let nature takeover and splatter everywhere hehe. Yeah, i find if i slow down a sec or two before, me cum jumps further through air. I nearly got my chin the other night which was orgasmic. I love this dirty talk! Lol
  10. Lee249

    What Types Of Areas Do You Live In?

    Yes, and a good few miles up the coastline of shops, arcades, ice cream stands and a good beach. You live in the BEST location david! Lol
  11. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Bombshell haha.
  12. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Horror LOL
  13. Lee249

    Word Association Game

  14. Lee249

    Word Association Game

  15. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Anal LOL
  16. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Log fire (Log) - my dream is a log cabin up in the mountains chopping wood and skiing everyday. I luv the idea of that. Always wanted to ski!
  17. Lee249


    I agree, the cost of cigarettes is astronomical! Did you know that on all goods in the UK and that inc fuel aswell NEARLY all of that is govt tax. 20 Richmond cigs cost around now £6.27 compared to about £4.80 2 yrs ago! Anyways, my life is boring and unsatisfying to quit at this stage. If i had something to look forward to each day i would quit for sure.

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