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  1. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    You've got me lol. What's a recluse? I hate to sound dumb like ;-)
  2. Lee249

    younger with older

    I wanna thank you guys for your generous comments and advice to me. I'm really excited at the prospect of meeting this guy for the first time. We have lots in common and although we're just friends, sometimes we communicate to eachother like a proper couple! Lol. In my life i have never done anything so drastic such as meeting a stranger from the internet. We've spoken a couple of times on the fone which is good. It feels kinda weird inside. I'm feeling a mixture of emotions such as anxiety and excitement. It is like an adventure and i know i'll endure an adrenaline rush for being way out of me comfort zone. Don't worry, i will let you know what happened when i get back that wknd. Cheers again for the support :-)
  3. Lee249

    younger with older

    I met a guy online (friend) and we've been talking for about 6 months now. He seems like such a sweet, funny, charming, and caring sort of fella. I'm meeting him down London for the first time next month. I actually told me dad he's 23 but he's actually 34. I know my family would freak out if i told them the truth. Is that wrong? Am i making a terrible mistake? i can't help thinking what i've got myself into. I've already bought me train tickets :-(
  4. Lee249

    Any guy bi or gay?

    UK gay sagger here. PM me if you wanna chat :-)
  5. Being a bird has it's advantages - eyeing up thousands of hot saggers and S***ting on the people you dislike Hehe. I want to be a bird now!! ;-]
  6. Lee249

    Gay Club Advice.

    Do you think we'll all get a discount for being members of saggerworld? Haha. What do you say Flameboard? (grin)
  7. Lee249

    Gay Club Advice.

    Thank you Flameboard :-) i feel much better after what you said. I'm deeply surprised in you working for such an establishment lol. Did you meet your BF in the gaybar you worked in? Please tell us more! I'm really interested like. You're wonderfull ;-D
  8. Lee249

    Pick Up Tips?

    My advice is that you maintain regular eye contact but not too much. Just enough to catch his/her attention from across the room. Walk over calm and composed like you're after a social chat. Introduce yourself, find out what that person likes and hates. Ask if they would like a drink. Try and see what you have in common and expand on that knowledge. If they are interested, they will be keen to hear what you have to say and stick around. I hope that helps :-D
  9. Lee249

    Shave/trim/leave pubes?

    I suppose it depends on how bushy your pubes are. If you have a jungle down there, it'd be WISE to shave unless your BF doesn't mind getting a ball of pubes in his mouth haha. Sorry, i couldn't help myself guys. (giggle)
  10. Lee249

    College Roommate

    If i was you i'd say something like - "yeah ok, i'll **** you off as long as you return the compliment!" that way both you and him are satisfied lol. Great story :-)
  11. Lee249

    Turn on's

    Spikey hair is a massive turn on for me. I like guys who use hair products such as gel or hair spray. I'm a sucker for a guy who has short spikey hair, beautiful eyes, nice smile and smooth skin.
  12. South Park along with Simpsons are the best animation cartoons ever. Funny you say South park cuz there's one naughty/hilarious song that comes to mind..... :-D
  13. Lee249

    Where do you live?

    Where's the UK option disapeared to? lol. Yep, sunny England where the majority of the time it pisses it down ha.
  14. Lee249

    How Old Are You?

    HAHA! you guys make me laff ;-) i'm 24 and still looking hotter than ever before hehe.
  15. Lee249

    What is your waist size?

    I'm size 30. I like to buy 32 baggy jeans so they drop down low as i walk.
  16. Lee249

    Sports and Recreation

    BIG tennis here. I want to pull Andy Murray's shorts down a bit. Did you know he wears CK undies! I'd like to wear his worn CK's and sag my Bball shorts lol ;-)
  17. Lee249

    Word Association Game


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