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  1. Great pictures, where u get the AEs and Ethicas from in uk?

    1. Lee249


      Thanks man. The AEs i order from the American Eagle Outfitters website. They're hard to get hold of here in the UK. Few outlets sell them. The red Ethika undies were a gift. Check the AEO website (Google for link) have fun! 


  2. Hey bru, I'm in London on Monday and Tuesday, u wanna hang out and sag together? 💪

  3. Sup? U got a nice ass from what i can tell dude.

  4. anyone fancy video chat?

  5. I have just moved to Edinburgh anyone from up here?

  6. Just bought a pair of freegun boxers cant wait to try them on and take a feew pics!

  7. Anyone want the uk snap and sag boxers

    1. spiffo


      snapchat? spiffoiow ;)

  8. matthew

    Where To Buy Cheap Nice Undies?

    What i meant by cheap nice boxers were ones that were both good quality hot sexy boxers and also are a good price!
  9. matthew

    A Or B?

    Scream Sweatpants or tracksuit bottoms?
  10. I want to get some new boxers either boxer briefs or thinking of trying out some plaid ones. Does anyone know anywhere that I could get some cheap in uk although still good quality?
  11. matthew

    A Or B?

    Budweiser Harry styles or zayn malik?
  12. anyone in london fancy meeting up one evening this week and sagging? send me a message asap!


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