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  1. Anyone wanna PM about sagging and fetishes message me 

  2. Where can you buy ethika or American eagle underwear in the UK?
  3. Just bought first ever pair of Yeezys (350 Boost V2 Zyon). Who else has some? What type of style do you where them with - shorts/ jeans? How you wear them with socks - ankle socks/ sports socks/ no socks? post some pictures!
  4. Great pictures, where u get the AEs and Ethicas from in uk?

    1. Lee249


      Thanks man. The AEs i order from the American Eagle Outfitters website. They're hard to get hold of here in the UK. Few outlets sell them. The red Ethika undies were a gift. Check the AEO website (Google for link) have fun! 


  5. Hey bru, I'm in London on Monday and Tuesday, u wanna hang out and sag together? 💪

  6. Sup? U got a nice ass from what i can tell dude.

  7. anyone fancy video chat?

  8. I have just moved to Edinburgh anyone from up here?

  9. Just bought a pair of freegun boxers cant wait to try them on and take a feew pics!

  10. Anyone want the uk snap and sag boxers

    1. spiffo


      snapchat? spiffoiow ;)

  11. What i meant by cheap nice boxers were ones that were both good quality hot sexy boxers and also are a good price!
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