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  1. Hey guys, I'm back - I'm selling some of my old belts/buckles/boxers if anyone is interested. please msg for more info. 

    1. NRWsagger


      I am happy that you´re back, you´re a lovely sagger.

  2. still waiting for some of those new pics ... :(

  3. hey, what happened to all those amating pics ? making room for even hotter ones ? ;)

  4. Great new pics! :)

  5. People messaging/commenting me: I can't be on the site every night to reply. I'm very sorry about that. New pics up soon!

  6. God, would love to take you under the sheets c;

  7. Loved your album! :)

    1. LandJ


      thanks! please comment - I may check some of yours out! :P

    2. steve3ny


      I did comment a few, but it said that they needed moderator approval.

  8. great photos dude! Love the skinnies!! :)

    1. LandJ


      Thanks man, you're hot! I love your 'sunday afternoon' pics. You've got a great butt!

  9. you´re so hot ! :)

    1. LandJ


      thanks! favourite? looks like you have some good pics too!

    2. Miguel


      i can´t post under your pics. I prefer de one called GREEN TM BOXERS

  10. hey nice pics love the skinny jeans sag

    1. LandJ


      thanks pal, I appreciate it! Which do you like best?

  11. New photos - please check 'em out!!

  12. I wish the photo uploader worked.

  13. hey mate got any pics?

  14. still really wanna c ur pics. . .

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