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  2. wannabewigger

    Effeminacy and the Homosexual

    Not one person guessed (or even initially believed) I was gay out of all my close family members, fraternity brothers, childhood friends, etc, so I guess I act far from stereotypical. I definitely have some interests I'd consider stereotypical, and now that I'm out and gay I've been more vocal about them (hip-hop dancing and fashion). That being said, all my buddies are straight (and sort of the fraternity/finance/jock type), but they all have clearly feminine tendencies that they go to pains to hide (for example, one of my friends is a huge closet Lady Gaga fan). While I do think there may be some connection between homosexuality and effeminacy, I also think that gay people feel more able to display feminine qualities while straight (and closeted guys) try to hide them. There is an interesting genetic correlation to this...the way the male brain is structured is more prone to hiding traits that are for "the other gender", while the corresponding mechanism in the female brain is infinitely less strong.

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