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    Love hot fit guys that have a nice sag, love em even more when the sag is paired with shorts, hitop skate shoes and ankle socks. Sucker for a hot guy that's into pissplay and other kinky things.
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  1. Word Association Game

  2. Word Association Game

  3. I know this is bad but...

    I'm not American...
  4. I know this is bad but...

    I did. Lol
  5. Sneaker fetish

    Well that's like 3 provinces over 😂
  6. What Are You Watching Right Now

    My man playing Overwatch.
  7. Sneaker fetish

    Where in Canada?
  8. I know this is bad but...

    The biggest problem with 2A is that there's no accountability or responsibility outside of "It's my right!". You're right it is your right, but that doesn't mean there can't be checks and balances that go along with that right. Mandatory training and annual recertification is a necessity in my opinion.
  9. I know this is bad but...

    No reason. Healthy and passionate debate is essential in any society. Banishing said debates does nothing to help find a solution, and it only causes further smouldering of indifferences which turn into hatred.
  10. Word Association Game

  11. I know this is bad but...

    The fact that you would try to potentially turn this in to something "hot" is disturbing...
  12. Modern Workforce Mentoring piece.

    Could be worse I suppose.
  13. Modern Workforce Mentoring piece.

    What beef? The only beef I have is the steak in my freezer.
  14. Modern Workforce Mentoring piece.

    No no. Really. We can't use any word that has "man" in it anymore.
  15. Modern Workforce Mentoring piece.

    We live in 2018 now and need to be more inclusive... It's "Peopletoring" not mentoring...

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