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    Love hot fit guys that have a nice sag, love em even more when the sag is paired with shorts, hitop skate shoes and ankle socks. Sucker for a hot guy that's into pissplay and other kinky things.
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  1. A Or B?

    Boyfriend Open or monogamous relationship
  2. A Or B?

    Night because... Well it's more peaceful. Breakfast or dinner?
  3. A Or B?

    Locker room cuz then the whole team can join. Sex with your best friend or sex with your sibling's boyfriend?
  4. Advice on Whether or Not it's Worth it...

    Just wanted to provide everyone with a quick update... For the last two or three weeks my friend and I have been talking on Messenger & he added me back to Facebook. We haven't had a chance to hang out in person yet; however, he has expressed interest in doing so once I'm moved back home.
  5. A Or B?

    Pickled eggs Pickles (pickled cucumbers) or pickled beets?
  6. A Or B?

    Liquor. Ketchup or hot sauce
  7. A Or B?

    Potato salad. Iced coffee or iced tea
  8. A Or B?

    Why are you asking if I want chips twice? Fries (chips) Coleslaw or garden salad
  9. Grindr

    Right? Lmao
  10. A Or B?

    Nike Vans or DC?
  11. A Or B?

    Gravy is strange sauce....? Curry... Nachoes or tacos?
  12. A Or B?

    Ooooh this is tough.... Haw dawgs! Poutine or grits?
  13. How old are y’all boys

    Old... Okay not that old but I feel old... 28
  14. A Or B?

    Hearing Taste or smell
  15. A Or B?

    Green Beans or peas

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