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    NYC College bro here, love sagging my tight CK boxerbriefs with my jeans, and seeing other guys sag too ;) I always sag at least halfway down my ass, usually below ass when I'm in class. Huge turn on knowing other bros are checkin me out.
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  1. Beyond sagging in general, I LOVE underwear - mostly briefs, tight boxerbriefs and jocks. Not thongs or panties tho. Love getting a hold of another guys undies in general, especially a masc bro's tighty whities 😏 jerkoff & edge in them til I cum thru em, love doing the same to other guys too, sorta like a cum control contest (who can last longer). Also love pissing in them sometimes, feels so good and warm but don't do it very often cuz the cleanup is a process and I don't usually have time lol... Also love tying up a guy and fingering and toying his ass for a long time (and milking hi
  2. Hey everyone!

    I know it's been a decade since I logged on (basically 😅) but I wanted to share that after taking a long break to sort out some things in my life- family, work, school, etc. - I am excited to be returning to SW 😜🎉   ALSOOOO... I JUST uploaded a new album (awaiting mod approval at this moment 😉), and I have a LOT more content to share that's long overdue tbh.  No lies, I have hundreds of photos and videos sitting on my phone waiting to be edited, condensed, and released 💦 

    I hope you'll enjoy the first round once it comes out (after this little teaser below), and I look forward to catching up with everyone again and meeting all the new sagger bros that have joined SW while I was away.  Just wanted everyone to know first and foremost: I'm still here, I love you guys, and I'm still saggin! 😈 😝 Happy Friday everyone 😁





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    2. Astg94


      Welcome back! Glad I got to see all of your pics and teasers! Definitely great pictures I’ve seen yet!

    3. Emohotboy


      Seriously such a really nice sagging under your ass bro 👌 

    4. lo2go


      You are a GREAT addition to the site.  Bet a lot of guys are glad you're back . . . and wishing they, like me, could be in your class.  Stay on, man, and keep those albums cumming (ooops?).

  3. Hey,

    amazing new pics!!! Hot Diesel. Looks awesome on you!


  4. Your new neon Blue Boxerbriefs album is great!

  5. Just published 2 new albums! Waiting for approval then you can check them out! :)

  6. woah man. what's up

  7. Congrats, your my Sagger of The Week!

  8. Uploaded some new pics today! Hopefully they'll be made available soon :P

  9. Any saggers in NYC today? Hmu! :P

  10. Any saggers in NYC today? Hmu! :P

  11. back with a few new pics awaiting approval, check back soon! :P

  12. back with a few new pics awaiting approval, check back soon! :P

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