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  1. Hurricane sagging

    Your sag is SO HOT!! Nice Ass. What brand Joggers are u sagging?
  2. Channel art profile pic.png

    Ur sag is so Hot!!
  3. Screen Shot 2015 01 18 At 8.18.50 PM

    Hot sags!!
  4. 5

    I love your Sag So Much Nice BBs.
  5. 2

    Nice Sag
  6. 3

    Nice Sag
  7. Mall Mirror Sagging Pic 1 (Back View Of Sag)

    I Cant Find Them Anymore I Love Sagging Them.
  8. CALVIN 13

    this sag is so hot
  9. CALVIN 12

    Love This Pic So Much One of my Favorite Sagging Pics
  10. CALVIN 03

    Love your Sag So much Nice Cuffs
  11. image

    Love his sags so much they are so hot
  12. Screenshot 18

    Love His sag is so much they are so hot and low
  13. Screenshot 21

    His sag is so hot love the red bbs
  14. Screenshot 31

    His sag is so hot
  15. Screenshot 59

    Great view of his sag

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