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  1. My first day with my first day with my first gay date I was great a few beers at the bar after work because we both work night shift so we caught the bottom of the 6th inning of The Chicago Cubs A.K.A. the North side V.S. The Chicago White Sox Game A.K.A. The South side of the sport of Baseball and our favorite team the Chicago Cubs that won the world series after a 108 years of losing won in 2016. I am a UPS Warehouse Worker and he is a emgerncey room doctor so we work the nights and we love to get dirty at work. I am almost 30 years old he is 22 years old . He cooks and cleans and I don't so we are perfect match
  2. After 15 years of dating women and my last girlfriend cheated on me so I am coming out the closet so I was in tinder and saw this hot guy almost the same age as me and he is also straight but coming out of the closet for the first time because his girlfriend cheated on him. So we have 2 straight guys that are going gay for the first time. I need some advice to make our first date less awkward
  3. Biking
  4. After 15 years of dating women I got sick and tired of the extra baggage that women my age carry.I don't want like the instant family a single 35 year old woman with 4 kids ranging from the age of 9 years to 3 year's old when I am dating but the 18- 25 years old we don't have the same interests or I can't get them drunk and baked
  5. I am coming out of the closet as a Bi-Sexual. I want change from dating women to dating men
  6. I have been dating women for 15 years and I am getting sick and tired of the bull **** and the extra baggage of women. The kid's and the drama. So I and going try dating guys for a bit if that doesn't work I will back to women. So I will need help with dating tips for dating a guy and the sexual encounter with my new male partner
  7. I love loose Boxer Shorts because I am trying to have a kid and I love my junk to flop around and the pee hole for my p***s for insertion into the ******
  8. Black Dickies Work Pants with grey and blue dots Boxer Shorts black AC/DC t-shirt and work boots
  9. United States of America or Canada
  10. I wear tank tops in the summer months mostly Black,Grey and some other colors and mostly the brands of Hanes and Fruit Of The Loom but I shave my under arms and my chest because I will have a small patches of hair on my underarms and chest so I shave it off so I am clean in the underarms and chest area
  11. In the summer months I take off my boots when I get out of work and wear Addidas slide on sandals with black crew socks or Scocer Socks
  12. I wear Red Wing Work Boots or Timberland Work boots sometime hunting boots because I work in a warehouse and I live in a climate region that snows 8 months of the year and I also deliver pizzas on the weekends so Nike shoes don't the job for me
  13. Depending on my mood sometimes I freeball in basketball shorts or wear only Boxer Shorts or Naked because my junk needs to air out and flop around
  14. I wear work boots