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  1. A Or B?

    Soccer shorts Basketball shorts or Board shorts
  2. Hanes BoxerBriefs

    I buy fruit of the loom they are cheaper and the do the same job as Hanes
  3. Word Association Game

    Orange Barrels as Road Construction season is getting into high gear
  4. Word Association Game

    Work Zone
  5. A Or B?

    Winter Olympics less countries participating. Tank Tops or T-SHIRTS
  6. Word Association Game

  7. Boxers vs. Briefs

    I wore Briefs until the 5th grade or 9 year's old then I made the switch to Boxer Shorts because all the other boy's were making the switch too because it the was 90s and the boxer rebellion was in full effect and the baggy jeans fad was in effect too so all the boys were were wearing boxer shorts and we had to change in to gym clothes for gym class so all the boys that wore boxer shorts made fun out the boys that still wore briefs in the locker room. I have a few pairs of Boxer Briefs but I wear those when I wear tight fitting jeans once in a blue moon I love the freedom of Boxer Shorts
  8. A Or B?

    Crew socks Black socks or white socks
  9. What are you wearing right now?

    Black tank top and freeballing orange And 1 basketball shorts
  10. Not worth it. $60.00 a pair in USA
  11. Word Association Game

  12. What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Mild and windy but cold at night
  13. Boxers vs. Briefs

    I do wear compression shorts when I am working out when I am playing soccer I put a cup in my compression shorts
  14. Boxers vs. Briefs

    For sagging my #1 Boxer Shorts because the lose feeling and the easy access for peeing and sex. #2 is Boxer Briefs because when I wear tighter fitting pants I can the look of Boxer Shorts but the close fit of a brief.
  15. A Or B?

    Chess. Speedo or jammers

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