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  1. Hurricane in Florida :/

    By Sunday at 12pm EDT or 11am CDT Hurricane Irma will hit my Condo in Sarasota,FL I hope that the Renters are out and safe I am 1,251miles away and safe
  2. What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    it's a nice and cool outside below average tempatures for Chicago in September. High temperature in the high 60's and it cools off into the low 40's at night a good night to sleep with the windows open and fan on and sleeping naked
  3. Hurricane in Florida :/

    Try driving a big brown truck without A/C in the middle of the summer. I get a bad case of swamp ass and swamp balls that I sweat thru my boxer shorts
  4. Sports

    I don't play sports but I have a full American Football uniform, wrestling gear, Soccer Gear, Gymnastics gear, basketball gear, baseball gear, for role play with my girlfriend and boyfriend
  5. Female saggers

    My new girlfriend is 18 years old I am 30 years old and her father doesn't gives a F****
  6. Female saggers

    My new girlfriend wears Boxer Shorts as for her Underwear because when she was younger she was the only girl in her family because she have 3 brothers and when her father had to do back to school clothes shopping she had to shop in the boy's and men's department or wear her bothers hand me downs so she wears boy's or Men's basketball shorts or sweatpants
  7. Hurricane in Florida :/

    I have a Condo in Florida in the Sarasota area. I live 1,252 miles away in the Chicago Suburbs
  8. Fetishes

    I I can fit in Boy's size Large or XL so the tighter the the boxer shorts the bigger the bulge shows
  9. Fetishes

    My fetish is wearing sports uniforms, gymnastics, wrestling, soccer, American Football, anything that has to wear a tight uniform or a jock strap with a cup
  10. What are you wearing right now?

    I just woke up wearing my black sweatpants with no Boxer Shorts and I got some major morning wood so I am getting ready to Jack off right now
  11. Word Association Game

    Come to Utah the land of the Normans
  12. Word Association Game

  13. What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Nice day and nice week to come temperature in the low 70's and low humidity feels like mid October than late August
  14. Word Association Game

    The end zone. A American Football term
  15. Word Association Game


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