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  1. I love it to have my junk to flop out
  2. I have my summer body and my winter body. In the summer i lose weight but in the winter I gain weight
  3. 11 years ago was a large or size 36-38 and I lost a ton of weight and went down to a size 28-32 waist
  4. I am a middle class American worker with a Union protected job
  5. I am cheap so I wear Hanes and Fruit Of The Loom Boxer Briefs but mediums are too big on me
  6. I wear a size small or 28-30
  7. I am a size small I have a size 30 waist
  8. Boxer Shorts
  9. What was your first experience with going commando or freeballing. My first experience of going commando was I was 12 years old and I ran out of clean Boxer Shorts so I went commando under a pair of sweatpants to school
  10. My ex girlfriend and I used to piss and cum on each other. One day I would piss or cum on her and on the next day she would piss and cum on me
  11. I am spoiled but my City ls located by a huge lake so I swim in a lake. Shaved or trimmed pubic area or Hairy pubic area
  12. The Mary Tyler Moore Show. It's was a T.V. sitcom from the 1970's to the early 1980's
  13. Freeballing in a pair of Black and Red And 1 basketball shorts that are 3 sizes too big and a black tank-top and black Nike crew cut socks
  14. Today I had to dress up nice for a wedding so I had to wear Boxer Briefs under my dress slacks and it was totally uncomfortable for me having c**k and balls being smashed up and having sweat pool up around your ass hole and ball sack and I had a huge sweat stain around my crouch. I love my boxer shorts l want my junk to be loose and free
  15. After 4 days of hot and humid it now cold,wet and windy. That Chicago weather for you