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  1. SaggerIan


    Wish I was here... anyone have any personal experiences regarding circle jerks?
  2. SaggerIan

    Sagging pants and getting horny

    These are so hot!!!! What do y’all do if you get a boner in public? Do you hide it or pull your pants down to expose it?
  3. SaggerIan

    A Or B?

    On the butt - can be licked up after Lycra/spandex or b-ball shorts?
  4. SaggerIan

    turned on by CUM

    That sounds so hot!!
  5. SaggerIan

    Word Association Game

  6. SaggerIan

    Word Association Game

    Sagging - when I leave the house 😂😂
  7. SaggerIan

    What are you wearing right now?

    Today I’m sagging black UA b-ball shorts and blue Calvin’s full a**. Wearing a white hollister t-shirt.
  8. SaggerIan

    Boxer briefs blowjobs?

    Love it. Super hot especially when the cum spills out onto your sag.
  9. SaggerIan

    turned on by CUM

    I love cum. Everything to do with it is awesome. Seeing it on sags is so hot and shooting into a sag or on someone is great. I think most gays are turned on by cum tbh.
  10. SaggerIan

    shooting your spunk

    Does anyone not have a spunk fetish?😂😂
  11. SaggerIan


    Dang that sounds hot. How does that start? Is it friends or strangers?
  12. Love the pics in your gallery!! Freegun undies are so hot!!

  13. SaggerIan

    Favorite underwear

    I’m currently in love with AE and Ethika. Like CK too, and Under Armour just makes people look hot. Haven’t tried SLY or WAXX. Also really love Freegun, am trying to get more now actually.
  14. SaggerIan

    A Or B?

    Honestly same — they both look hot when sagged! I prefer CK, but hollister is great too. Sly Collective or Aussiebum?
  15. SaggerIan


    Thanks man ❤️❤️

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