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  1. Definitely quicker to get to Flamey than you. @theother1
  2. Live closer... perhaps. Without knowing where you are, I cannot comment. I work about an hours drive from the east coast. A small price to pay for seeing that famous sag for real. More than happy to take a few pics of you sagging as well. And no it doesn't matter that you don't generally sag, it's never a bad time to start.
  3. Just bring me on board. I work nearish Flamey's photo studio (the beach) and i promise not to make up new rules or try to take over! I can't promise the camera will be pointing at the right thing though, i might be too busy................. Also, butts.
  4. If anyone wants to play me at Battlefield Hardline, COD Advanced Warfare, Fifa 15 or Madden NFL 15 (or any free download game) then just drop me a line on here.
  5. I play Xbox One whenever I can. Usually Fifa 15 or Madden NFL 15 or Rayman Legends at the moment. Think I got COD Advanced Warfare too maybe one or two others.
  6. Yeah there's definitely some truth in that. There are some similarities definitely...
  7. Wow.... I think you have found yourself a career if you want it!
  8. Love how more and more of the boxers get exposed as the dance goes on
  9. This has links for some in reluctance to express themselves so I figured it maybe something that a few people will get some inspiration from. I saw a film this evening called "The Way Way Back" and I seriously recommend that anyone who has any confidence issues or anything like that go and see it. It is a true inspiration. It centres around a 14 year old boy who goes through a life-changing summer. I won't go to in-depth into the plot because of spoilers but the 90 or so minutes of this film has virtually changed my complete outlook on life. The message of the film is basically along the lines of "live your own life, forget what everyone else thinks because you are the most precious thing you know and finally, look after the ones you love". This is advertised as a comedy-drama but if i'm going to be honest, it's not as comedic as it is advertised but it definitely is an inspirational drama. --- Parts of this obviously link into sagging, topic of the forums, in as much as a few people i speak to, myself included (although I don't really talk to myself that much) think more about what others think of them (when they sag, or do things that are different) than they should. Express yourself, and don't let other people put you down!
  10. put some newer pics up recently, tell me how bad they are so I can do worse in future :(

    1. flameboard


      There is nothing wrong. Just try have abit more light :)

    2. luke


      you're too nice... :)

  11. Town in Hertfordshire, UK. Plenty of sags to see, not quite so easy to see real good ones though.
  12. thanks for your comments :)

  13. HAHA they are abit big! But oh well! Its only your first time :D